What is feminism?

Feminism is the cause dedicated to women’s rights.

Historically and with few exceptions males have been the dominant gender dictating and controlling women (see: almost every major religion ever)

The feminist movement was created to break the mold and allow women to achieve their full potential and aspirations. Before the modern times, feminism was an equality movement. Now, at least in the “civilised” world, women are more or less (probably less) equal to men, but in general equality has mostly been achieved. What feminism is now is a women’s rights movement.

The reason feminism is (for lack of a better word) intimidating is that naturally, increasing women’s rights will most certainly decrease men’s relative rights. Eg. when more job opportunities open up for women, there is more competition and therefore relatively less opportunities for men.

And that is perfectly acceptable. A labor union (worker’s rights) infringes upon the “rights” of the management, in turn the corporate board (employer’s rights) infringes upon the “rights” of the employees.

Of course, what really pisses off anti-feminists is when feminists have lobbied more rights than men, and men feel its unfair that women have so many rights, giving women the advantage.

But the thing with progression is that the balance should always go upwards.

Instead of taking from the rich, the correct path is to make everyone rich (good comrade), instead of dividing the rich among the poor and leave everyone mediocre (bad comrade). Instead of trying to take away women’s rights, the correct path is to give men more rights so no social group is at a disadvantage. It’s okay for a social group to be at an advantage, but its not okay for a social group to be at a disadvantage.

Both men and women are victimized on a daily basis. Women’s rights are important. Men’s rights are important. Human rights are important.

And for these human rights groups to function, they have to clearly recognize the line between increasing their own rights and infringing on someone else’s rights. Sadly, nobody seems to know where that line really is.


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