God is a darwinist

Alright Christians, this is gonna blow your mind:
You god is a Darwinist.
Here, let me explain.
To understand why I say god is a Darwinist, we must first define Darwinism. In the context of the argument I am about to make, Darwinism is essentially survival of the fittest, as in out of a bunch of living things, only the fittest- those who comply with planet earth the most – can survive. Evolution is not a very efficient process – out of all of the species ever to exist on earth, only a few “worthy” ones have remained as they are coincidentally able to survive the hostile environment that is planet earth, and therefore are allowed to remain and develop. In that sense, evolution is kinda like brute-force cracking a password. You throw a million different passwords at the safe, but only a few passwords get through. Sustaining the strong and killing the weak, Survival of the fittest.
Now let’s take a look at god and his rules for heaven-entry.
Firstly, god obviously is unable to create the perfect candidate for heaven-dwellers because if he could, there would be no need for judgment as everyone would be morally perfect. But because almighty god is unable to make perfect people, therefore not everyone is moral, so god randomly creates a ton of people, but he sets a filter – only those who followed his rules are allowed past the pearly gates, and everyone else is sent to hell (or equivalent). It isn’t hard to see the parallels with evolution, only the “just” can ascend (evolve) to the next level. And unfortunately, due to human nature and the “randomness” of “free will” only some people are “just”, therefore only some people get to go to heaven. While this is a cheap and viable way of building up the heaven population, it certainly isn’t very efficient nor humane because god is mercilessly helling the spiritually weak.
Therefore, god is an “ascension of the fittest” Darwinist.
Think about the implications.


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