Let’s evolve past ugly

There is that cheesy notion that sometimes pretty kids grow up to have no personality and that people who don’t have the looks end up being the most interesting and successful because they have to.  The tradition value of “Ugly on the outside but beautiful in the inside/Beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside”

Counter notion: what if everyone were pretty? Then, not only is everyone visually appealing, but looks would no longer become a factor in society, and people will become equally interesting without having to suffer being ugly.

The brain is a difficult thing to manipulate- interesting people are hard to engineer. But I am fairly certain that making physically beautiful people is easier than society makes it seem. The logistics of making perfect people is a taboo subject because of hitler  (reductio ad hitlerum is by the way is the worst logical fallacy in the history of fallacies), but honestly all it takes to make perfect babies is a bit of eugenics, extensive healthcare and the abortion of deformed babies. I’m sure genetic engineering has its role in this as well.

Sex ads work not because they tell me to like a certain brand of women, but because the women they show coincide with your average heterosexual male’s animal instincts, and I’d like to think I am part of that subset. Contrary to feminist propaganda, society did not engineer my subjective sense of beauty. Okay, perhaps a teeny bit, but overall there is no logical argument against subjective feelings. They just are- and the only argument against subjective feelings are perhaps mind-changing drugs or brainwashing therapy. I might find fat girls cute, but I will never find them sexy, no matter how many ad campaigns feminists do to make the fat girls feel better. I have lots of specific preferences when it comes to judging a girl’s looks, I prefer younger girls with lighter skin, slimmer profile, smoother “terrain”, and a heavy emphasis on complexion. I’d take chubby with a cute face over a hottie with an ugly face any day – fat can be worked off or worst case lipo’ed but there is no good fix for ugly.

I have a (in the broadest sense) friend who is a girl. We used to talk in school, or chat on facebook, but never hang out. I value her intellect greatly but she is short and ugly, I physically cannot permit myself to feel attraction for her. Throughout my high school and senior high years I repeatedly informed myself that I needed a girlfriend. But school, the only social gathering I go to since I’m kind of a recluse, was not a place of hot girls. Sure there are always one or two of them, but my feelings for them were never beyond the biological and besides they were of course already “taken”.

The girls who were – dare I say – in my league were of course ugly as fuck, although I’m sure many of them had great personalities, I hadn’t felt the need to approach them.

The point I am trying to make is that if I was attractive and had the athletic gene, and every girl in the world was attractive, then superficiality would not be one of the many barriers between me and them. Girls would not need to spend all their effort on beauty products if they were actually all inherently beautiful, and guys like me would not have to worry if the biological attraction was there or not. I am the way I am and I can’t change that, but we don’t have to subject our future generations to the same problems.

“Ugly” is not a virtue but a chink in the human condition. In fact I suspect the original notion of “superficiality is bad” was made up by some wise but ugly men and women who wanted to get respect. But superficiality is not bad. There’s nothing wrong with feeling how you feel. People of every race and gender can be beautiful, but right now many of them/us are fucking ugly, and this needs to change. Ugly needs to stop being an issue, and we do that by making everyone beautiful so that the unconfidence can come from some other reason.


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