Some notes on free will and related issues

This is just a disorganized rehash of what was said before, but dammit this shit is important. Our attitude towards free will affects how we treat one another, how we view the fellow man, this needs to be settled: No compatibilism, no compromise.

The consciousness is a piece of self aware memory, basically a “soul” or whatever you want to call it- the thing at the core of every human being that feels. You know this because an unconscious person is not self aware (at least to a verifiable degree), so I would say for example that a dead person is unconscious – he is much more, he is fucking dead, but he’s also no longer conscious as his consciousness no longer has a physical representation in the earth, and thus no longer bears relevance.

Deservance is only in the sense that a consciousness has been subjected to a negative experience and has to rectify the negativity with a positive experience. When we say someone deserves an outcome, what we really mean is that we think a prior set of input should result in a certain outcome, “you reap what you sow”, although when we make such statements we often don’t consider all the input and thus we feel an event undeserved whenever the outcome we expect does not happen.

Free will is the amoral position as it allows people to mistreat each other’s consciousness because it believes that some people are inherently bad, therefore deserves to be tortured for example. Non free will admits that nobody does anything bad or good out of their own fault and it is at least partially society’s responsibility to ensure that bad things do not happen in the first place through a commitment to minimal harm done to all consciousness involved.

Morally, everyone deserves a perfect experience just by being a consciousness. Morality should be defined as the action that causes the most fulfilling and least painful experiences to all consciousness.

It is important to acknowledge that while we don’t choose our actions, we do feel the consequences of our actions, both the cost and the result.

Consider feeding a slow computer a difficult math problem. The computer will eventually reach the right answer (since its a computer), and even though there’s only one answer its the electricity and time spent that make up the cost, and the actual answer which is the knowledge gained that makes up the result, and that is what makes the computer significant despite the inevitability of it reaching a conclusion in its calculation.

We can make choices, the choices are not our own, and yet our choices still matter. Your mind is blown, my mind isn’t. My predetermined choices matter because they affect the experience of my consciousness, whether I feel love joy hate or pain, and that is the one thing that is very real and undeniable to me. Subjective feelings are unquestionable. They don’t even have to have a real cause, but they are there.

Individuals aren’t ultimately responsible for their own actions, but everyone is responsible for their own wellbeing – the experience we have in our consciousness, and that’s why we lock up criminals, not because they are “held accountable” for their crimes (whatever that means) but because we don’t like the (vicarious) experience of getting robbed, so we halt that particular source of crime and hope that by doing so, it no longer affects us. That is why death sentence proponents will say that punishment acts as deterrence – deterrence from what? The answer, the deterrence that sacrafices one consciousness’s experience from harming another or more other consciousnesses. The needs of the important outweigh the needs of the less important, subjectively (ie objectively relative to a particular cause) this is ALWAYS the case.

Free Will is not simply the act of making choices, that’s just a regular Will, a decision making mechanic. Humans may have a more convoluted decision making mechanic than simple machines, but in the end its still a logic mechanism.

We are responsible for our decisions in which the outcome is made through us. We are not responsible because the mechanism for determining the outcome did not come through us. Free Will in entirely illogical, and its only purpose is for the religious to guilt trip.

Quantum mechanics does not prove free will, at best it proves some sort of “random will”. Of course, random is illogical, just as we know that dice rolls aren’t actually random, just seem random because we can’t completely predict the result (actually give some nerds the first few milliseconds of high speed camera footage of a dice roll, and they will be able to accurately and confidently provide a predicted outcome after probably lifetime of calculating.

I hope no one is actually arguing against determinism because if you are then you are fucking stupid.

Remember, Sam Harris is always right, except when he contradicts me.


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