I wanna live in a nuclear submarine.

I wanna live in a nuclear sub

Hooked up to VR for my life

Circumnavigating the world

with a good supply of synthetic fresh air

And food

Emerging once every few months to refuel and restock

Then diving back into the abyss

Safe from the insects

Safe from everything


I wanna live in a nuclear sub

Hold countries hostage with the push of a button

Bare my missiles

and dare ’em to say somethin

And if they try to board me I’ll self destruct

radiate their oceans like time’s up

And we’ll see who gets the last laugh

When they’re faced with the wrath

Of mutations

The roar of godzilla


I wanna live in a nuclear sub

The kind that dives deep

Like real deep

Resisting the pressures of a billion tons

Pressing against the machine

Deep sea fishin, exploring worlds beneath

The only source of light amongst the bleak

With my LEDs

moving at an inch a minute

And if I suffocate

As least I’m not at the surface swimming

Looking down with vertigo


I wanna live in a nuclear sub

Fitted with rockets that won’t fire

I’m out of oxidiser

Channel my inner MacGyver

and make more With my breath

I hope this is enough

Not even a spark

So fuck it

At least I got my reactor

When the time comes I’ll warp outta here

And head a thousand lightyears

Away where the water don’t matter

And the air runs out


3 thoughts on “I wanna live in a nuclear submarine.

  1. Very interesting. Have you given any thought to shaping the lines in a way that forms an outline of a submarine? There were a few times as I was reading it that I noticed the limited number of visible lines suggested the shape of a torpedo or missile.

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