Robocop (2014) thoughts

+ Starship Troopers format and style of propaganda (Edward Neumeier was the writer of the 2008 film Marauder)

+ Entertaining action scenes

+ Satisfying storyline that ends what it starts.

+ Good CGI, and the style of the battle suit is decent.

– technophobic overtones and generally flawed philosophically

– annoying satire

– fat cat evil corporation cliché, moralistic doctor cliché, robots are not humans cliché,

– the Chinese high tech robot factory/testing grounds is literally separated to a plantation by a fence with the main factory building right next to the plantation, and the density of farmers is too high- literally everyone is responsible for only like 4 square meters of crops! racist

– the protagonist is kinda sorta mediocre and makes the usual stupid movie protagonist decisions

Verdict: Watch and enjoy it, but please don’t try to learn anything from it about actual technological morality.


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