Rules for buying digital games

Staring at my bloated Steam library…. fuck. where did I ever get the dumb idea to pay for digital content?
1. Never pay for an AAA title just for the singleplayer campaign
2. Never buy any game 3 years or older, consider all old games abandonware.
3. Never buy any game if you feel even remotely strapped for cash.
4. Never buy any early access title/unfinished product/pre-order unless you’re 100% confident that it will properly mature.
5. Never buy any title you aren’t 100% interested in, or have time to finish.
6. The is the best trial period is unlimited, only decide to pay after you finished a game if you can help it.
7. Never impulse buy something that’s on sale – there’s no such thing as a bargain or cheap, digital content is FREE. Don’t get something just because its cheap or “free”, because chances are your time is worth more.
8. Beware of bundles, they will line your library up with games that you will never play. If you really want to help a charity then donate directly.
9. Never get the cheaper clone. If you really “can’t afford” it, pirate it. If you’re scared of viruses, learn to torrent proper.
10. Don’t respect a company that charges you extra for the DLC that contains the “full experience” which they should’ve included in the package the first place.
11. Never wait for a sale if you want to play a game now. Pirate it, then buy it when its on sale.
12. There are too many good games, and many of them require only “a bit” of time investment for you to get past the rash initial impressions. Keep in mind that you don’t have eternity to develop stockholm syndrome for a game with bad first impressions, so be picky and only buy games that intrigue YOU, regardless of the inevitable praising reviews are made by the niche market.

Please heed my advice, and this is coming from someone who has all the free time in the world. Between all the new things the internet blesses/curses us with, you’ll never have enough time to finish it all.


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