There has to be a better way: Hong Kong’s descent into partial chaos

I love Hong Kong in its current state.

Freedom of expression and all that.

And I would not like that taken away from me.

However, I cannot in good conscience support whatever revolution the protesters think is going on.

They say that the Occupy Central movement is a peaceful protest.

Oh, really. Define peaceful.

Whatever the definition is, I can assure you that you aren’t, won’t and shouldn’t be adhering to it. A peaceful protest is not a protest at all, because real peaceful protests don’t get any attention. In order to gain exposure, there is no such thing as a peaceful protest, you’re always damaging something – the economy, reputation, someone’s day…

But wait – how do protests work again? Exactly how do you convert all that yelling and sign waving into real change?

Here’s an answer from a comment on the article I linked: “Real change happens when those in power become worried that you might be willing to set fire to the city if it won’t change to suit you — and you’ll block the exits with them inside.”

Oh great, that’s fantastic.


I’m sure that will work out just dandy.

The trouble with the current protests is that the protesters seem all too willing to have another Arab spring right on their doorsteps, ignoring the major differences between Then Egypt and Hong Kong, such as the existence of extensive civil rights, the level of affluence, and the general first-worldedness.

While being able to elect a democratic leader is somewhat a big deal, the extent of sacrifices Hong Kongers are willing to make of their boring yuppie lives is just too disproportionate.

See, back in 1989 Hong Kong organizations were a major supporter of the Tiananmen protests, and when that didn’t work out as planned (or did it? After all Hong Kong did get their martyrs to wave in China’s face every june, in hindsight the CPC’s response probably wasn’t that unpredictable), and afterwards June 4th was a major talking point, a deeply woven paranoia that crept into society, fear of being rolled over by a tank and other delusional fantasies strengthened everyone’s resolve against Beijing, and judging from the recent clashes between the police and protesters, such paranoia just might cause a self fulfilling prophecy.

After all, getting jumpy at a prophecized Armageddon might cause people to try to stimulate its coming, subconsciously or otherwise. Whatever clashes that happened, you can be certain it was provoked somehow, possibly by the police but more likely by a protester looking to start something. A word of caution to any outsiders listening in on their cry of injustice and plead for help, don’t take the protesters word (“I didn’t provoke him, that well trained policeman restrained me for absolutely no reason!”) as absolute fact because some of these are the same people who would throw unspeakable insults, and shamelessly attack a pro-government “protester”… who is just a nine year old brat. And don’t take my word on that, explore Hongkonger facebook pages and see for yourself.

I just think that maybe, just maybe, the millions of protesters could perhaps pool their collective intelligence together and come up with a more rational, more persuasive and less destructive solution. Instead of sitting in a drum circle equivalent, yelling about how politically mistreated you are, maybe you could come up with something that doesn’t involve acting like you’re in 19th century France, because you aren’t.

I mean, we’re Hong Kong, we have the internet now. We’re above the us verses them mentality, the lets overthrow our government and see if it works this time mentality, the shouting angry chants is a good reason for any rational person to be persuaded mentality. We’re above that, aren’t we?

But we aren’t, and that unfortunately is the #1 reason Hong Kong cannot become a full democracy: Hongkongers are really stupid. “They are the champions of preconceived notions, gaping generalizations, stereotypes, cliche, group think, suspicion and no questions asked stigmatization. They are staggeringly ignorant and they’ll prove it to you in a second.” If I had any influence, I would prefer Hong Kong solidify in its current state forever. No direct control from Beijing, and no situation in which man on the street’s opinion actually carries weight.

Because when I see protesters, all I see are the same angry and hot headed people that fueled the cultural revolution, so passionate about their cause that they seem to have lost all sense of objectivity, whose speech patterns seem to indicate that they would gladly participate in a lynch mob if given the opportunity. I shiver to think of a government run by hongkonger revolutionaries.

Even if this so-called “revolution” succeeds, it is very highly possible you would be replacing a pretentious bullshit government with another different kind of pretentious bullshit government (The CPC has its brand of bullshit, Hongkongers have their own brand of bullshit) – as people are known to do, as people are idiots who put other idiots in charge and then bitch about it when the idiot acts like an idiot, and 50 years later you would be pointing at that revolutionary symbol (6 foot statue of tank man, tank and man included), disappointingly reminiscing about how “back in the day, that actually meant something” and how this current travesty of a government is fucking it all up.

Also please, stop dehumanizing the police. They have to deal with their job which probably just got 1000x more frustrating having to deal with their superiors’s demand for order (remember police are hongkongers as well, its even likely they’re on your side!), on top of that they have to deal with your hate-spewing bullshit as well? And also, stop with your dystopian fantasies. “Please help prevent HK from becoming another tiananmen massacre” yeah, you wish tanks were rolling down the street over people so that you’ll have more martyr fuel for your chaos machine.

When you fight bullshit with bullshit, whoever wins, all you end up with is more bullshit. And when intellect is thrown out the window as a non-option, bullshit is all you have left.


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