Why don’t all planes (especially commercial jets) have tailgears?

Literally torn a new asshole

Seems like a relatively simple step towards preventing tail-strikes,probably helps take offs too allowing the pilot to fearlessly pull back on the flight yoke, lifting the plane sooner off the runway than it would have if it ran out of runway.

I mean, a simple tailgear can’t add that much more weight/drag/cost, can’t it? Sure you could rely on pilots skill, but given the vast array of safety features aircraft already have, adding just one more feature to PREVENT THE REAR OF THE PLANE FROM TEARING ITSELF OFF seems like a fucking no brainer to me :\

Here’s a great example of a successful aircraft with tailgear:

A completely successful aircraft: The Concorde which is still in service today, flying million around the world per million flown.

Fine, maybe the concorde was not the best example, but I’d argue it was killed more by bureaucracy than anything else. In fact, let’s ask grandpa pilot about the benefits of tailgears:

“Back in the day, we never had ‘no god damn tailstrikes! Heil Hitler!”

Damn straight! Heil Hitl- err wait, what?

In conclusion?┬áStart puttin some goddam tailgears on your planes. Makes it more versatile, safer, and isn’t such high a price to pay for your aircraft’s asshole.

Just some friendly advice from a fellow poorfessional.

Don't hate the playa, yo

Don’t hate the playa, yo

But seriously I am kinda slightly curious as to why tailgears haven’t found their way onto aircraft yet with the frequent tailstrike incidents.


One thought on “Why don’t all planes (especially commercial jets) have tailgears?

  1. They don’t have them because every gram of weight added to a plane deducts $1 from the corporate exec’s bonuses…. times the number of planes in service.

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