Occupy Central – a political poem

> I Occupy Central in Protest

> The protests are highlighting the economic importance of Hong Kong as not another Chinese city.

> The protests are highlighting that everyone wants universal suffrage and that everyone wants Democracy

> The police use pepper spray and Tear Gas

> The protests are gaining international support.

> Therefore, it is only logical for Beijing to give in to the demands of the protesters.

> Beijing does not give in to my demands.

> Therefore Beijing is illogical

> Hong Kong does not have true democracy.


> But Beijing should give in to my demands, which are logical.

> But Beijing is not budging, therefore it is wrong.

> Beijing is wrong, and I am right.

> Hong Kong still doesn’t have true democracy.


> The protests should cause Beijing to give Hong Kong the democracy it wants.

> But the protests aren’t affecting Beijing’s decision, Beijing is stubborn, therefore Beijing is wrong.

> Beijing should be moved.

> Beijing could lose PR if it does not give in to democracy.

> Beijing could save face by coming up with a more lenient solution towards HK

> But Beijing is unfazed

> Therefore Beijing is a heartless communist dictatorship.


> Hong Kong still doesn’t have true democracy

> But Hong Kong should have true democracy, after all I did Occupy Central.

> After all, the police did use tear gas.


> It doesn’t matter that Hong Kong still doesn’t have Democracy. What matters is that the police used tear gas, Hong Kong should have democracy, and that Beijing is wrong.

> Beijing could choose to be right.

> But Beijing isn’t choosing to be right.

> Therefore Beijing is wrong

> And I am right.

> I Occupy Central

> and Hong Kong still does not have true democracy.

Video version


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