Why your god is bad: Yahweh

This is an article, (hopefully) part of a series in which I try to explain to various theists, why – even if their beliefs were real, they would still be bad.

This one is about the Judeo-Christian god Yahweh.


(this is an easy one, in fact so easy I had to put off writing it because I felt like I was just going to be stating the obvious. Even Christians themselves try to deny the old testament like “all that Jew stuff was in the past, the new testament god is all about forgiveness and stuff”)

The old testament god was a really nice fellow. He punished the people he created for functioning as he designed, like a inventor punishing his inventions for being faulty. He committed genocide multiple times because he was angry. The most brutal dictator the Jews have ever seen.

Constantly jealous and emotionally unstable, obsessed with sex, like a teenage boy.

This was a god who used terrorism to achieve his means instead of directly teleporting the Jews to safety (because no, that would be too easy), who even when the Pharoah was scared shitless and wanted to let them go, decided to harden his resolve and murder innocent Egyptian children anyway.

This is a god who is unable to simply forgive – instead, he has to promise an innocent  Jew (his own son) whom he will murder in order to balance out his “conscience”, the omnipotent almighty can’t even find an excuse to forgive. The Christian god’s messiah by the way, Jesus, is probably also full of shit and not even in the sense that he is fictional – stick around and find out why in the next #WYGIB article (yea it has its own acronym and hash tag now).

This is a god who created a world that constantly wants to kill human beings, a world that makes no sense before original sin was committed.

This is a god who would destroy a common language when humans are showing enough solidarity and cooperation with each other to build tall buildings. Communication is, by the way, the most important element of peace, so the people who Yahweh didn’t kill directly, he murdered by allowing misunderstandings and the inevitable subsequent inter-violence to occur.

A god who commands taking enemy women and girls (virgins) as sex slaves (I would get a bit aroused at this (as is the scripture’s intention, don’t tell me the bible wasn’t “entertaining” that way), except that he also commanded murdering everyone else as well as giving himself a share of the virgins – implied human sacrifice – which certainly is a bit of a buzzkill) (also its a command you would expect of primitive inhumane tribal pillagers, certainly the almighty god is above this WHAT DOES GOD NEED VIRGINS FOR CAN’T HE JUST SAY “Let there be godgasm” AND BE DONE WITH IT but noooo he takes part in it), among other misogynistic statements. And he was also a racist.

Also, Leviticus. Need I say more?


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