Dispute against The Orchard Music youtube copyright claim

This is Youtube and Fraudulence Episode 2

Youtube needs a Public domain/ Royalty Free music content ID database to be compared to the submitted content ID that these companies used to compare to.

Below is the verbatim dispute I’ve filed against The Orchard Music’s copyright claims on 3 of my videos that use the same public domain music, which TOM’s (con) “artists” have not only sold as their own, but have also COPYRIGHTED, what the fuck.

This has been going on at least since 2011 with TOM not only copyrighting public domain music, but also classic, folk and original music and youtube just does not seem to give a fuck. Now of course I’m a “small time” youtuber so it doesn’t affect my earnings since I never monetize my videos (with one exception but I never got any actual money from it, more of an ironic gesture but I digress) anyway, but there are many actual youtubers that are genuinely affected by this and I don’t want those small ads on my video that might cause anyone to give these scammers any money at all, however unlikely. And I don’t want these scammers to take credit for the original producer of the music I use.

The last time I filed a dispute, I made the mistake of not screenshotting so the copyright claim simply disappeared without any records I can access to prove that I had in fact been hit by a bullshit claim. This time, I’m gonna document this proper, to add on the thousands of evidence compiled against The Orchard Music.

screen1 screen3

(note: “Small” and “Important” are the same song that the orchard music split into two halves so that they could copyright it twice)


Now for the (essentially same) claim I had disputed back in march 2013, I tried to look up the song “small”, back then attributed to a “Michael White” later changed to “John White”, but now if you search for “Shawn Johnson Band-Small”, you will find music ON SPOTIFY AND AMAZON copyrighted and released MAY 2014, and I have to wonder how does this work, is it even logical to flag videos uploaded before the copyrighted content was even created?

The screenshots above are taken today, if TOM tries to change the supposed copyright holder’s name again, we’ll know for sure, although there has been no action taken against orchard music for all these years so I’m not exactly sure how much good yet more evidence of their corruption will do.

But one can always hope that this account will come in handy someday.

Below is my dispute, verbatim:

This dispute will be filed for all 3 videos affected by the same illegitimate copyright claim on the music used in all 3 videos.

The account of my previous dispute on the exact same video can be found here (https://ericolon.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/youtube-and-fradulence/)

How can this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8F3JxDgNu0) and my other video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMSAKPrfYAI), both uploaded september 2013, AND my other video  FROM  JANURARY 2013 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4czpfSDSkY4) violate “copyrighted material” that was released ON 2014, when I obtained the disputed track itself from a public website in June 2012? And released the oldest video in jan 2013? And how come there was no trace of such a track when I searched for it back when I made my first dispute of this bogus claim?

First the previous copyright claim alleged that the music I used in this video was by some other bogus artist called “Michael White” then “John White” back in march/april, not this “Shawn Johnson Band” which by the way I checked the release date of the record this was supposedly released: http://www.amazon.com/Small/dp/B00K5O3QW0 – MAY FUCKING 20th of 2014. And to compound on the illegitimacy of this copyright claim, there is another record with the exact same music at http://www.amazon.com/Mc-Ballad-A/dp/B00K00C0S0 attributed to Frank Nora (an entirely different artist) under an entirely different label at May 7th 2014, that’s MAY SEVENTH, FOURTEEN DAYS before the “claimant” released “his” music on Amazon. Clearly absolutely nobody holds exclusive rights to this track, it was already available for free legal use in june 2012.

The source of the track (http://freepd.com/Ballad/MC%20Ballad%20A) I used clearly stated back in 2012 that the track was public domain by Frank Nora, and youtube mirrors of the same music were uploaded as early as july 2013 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_D3Vtkq4I0). Public Domain gives whoever wishes to permission to sell it HOWEVER they CANNOT on moral nor LEGAL grounds copyright it or attribute the unaltered track to their own authorship to restrict someone else’s use (and this is not an isolated case, the Orchard Music is somewhat infamous for this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYXbK4OKxq0), I demand that all of ”The Orchard Music”’s  copyright claims be wiped and removed immediately and the claimant be penalized for their dishonestly and violation of all applicable terms of service.

Edit: As I predicted, the orchard music just ignored my dispute after 30 days. My videos are released now, but the content ID of the public domain content still belongs to Orchard Music.


3 thoughts on “Dispute against The Orchard Music youtube copyright claim

  1. I have recently received two of these claims from Orchard Music – one on a song purchased thorough audioblocks.com for a short film and the other on a song by a local band in Knoxville, TN, for a music video i produced for them. I appealed the claim on the audioblocks song (the name they gave for the song was completely different from the on on the legitimately purchased track, by the way) and they rejected the appeal. I was able to go through audioblocks and have them inform youtube that the song is legit and I have the right to use it. I should know within 48 hours if that works.

    What an odd thing …

  2. Orchard claimed copyright for the sound of the ocean that was in the background during one of our client’s videos. Two people were doing a cooking demonstration by the shoreline in Maine. Naturally, there’s wave noise in the background. Orchard Music claims to own the copyright to the sound of the ocean. Next time you spend a day at the beach, don’t be surprised if someone is running ads at the water’s edge.

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