Sexuality revisited

My last article focusing on sexuality was from november 23, 2012.

It’s been almost two years, and since then my views might have changed somewhat. Time for an update.

Having gained insight into issues of free will (ie. that it is a fictional illogical concept), I still maintain that sexuality can be changed given an appropriate method of persuasion/brain damage/hormone tweaks, and sexuality is only not a choice in the sense that nothing is really a choice, and when it is a choice its in terms of being a intelligent decision, perhaps even one that goes against your base instincts (as if we don’t make those kinds of choices all the time, for a gay person to choose to be straight (for religious/political purposes) should be no different than a very tired person choosing to tough out their work (for career purposes) ).

Since I’ve dropped the “jesus” I had back then, I no longer think sexual deviance to be “degenerate”, nor do I think transgendered and sex changers should have their head forcefully impaled on brick walls.

HOWEVER, and this is a BIG BUT

In the interest of honesty and social transparency, people should clearly label themselves in some manner if they are not what they appear to be. You may feel like a hot, young girl and may even appear to be one after your sex change, but I AM NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF APPRECIATING THAT. There are men who are turned on by chicks with dicks, There are men okay with chicks who had dicks, I’M NOT ONE OF THOSE MEN, and it should only be out of common decency that trans and sex changers make their birth gender clear in some way. I don’t have a beef with trans and sex changers, I’ll treat you with the basic minimal level of respect I afford everybody, but get too close and you’ll be jailed for attempted rape. And maybe you’ll say “but we don’t even wanna fuck you”, not if you’re a girl at the inside you aren’t.

Of course, there are people who are against labelling people based on their traits, citing reducto ad hitlerum how Jews had to carry the yellow badge (as if their ugly scarlett johansson natalie portman jew-face wasn’t enough of a giveaway :3 ), but think of this label not as a marker, but more as a useful name tag so that straight person doesn’t murder you later when they discover your deception. (Actually, there are methods on our part to avoid trannies (in this anti-intellectual but nevertheless useful article), but to rest the responsibility solely on the straight person to avoid being tranny raped is to victim blame – yes liberals, LGBTQ people can be evil lying cunts as well, is your mind blown yet?)

Maybe I don’t have a logical reason for being LGBTQ-phobic (and I suppose I am a little bit bi-curious – but aren’t we all, even if only at an intellectual level as I explored in my previous article), but “I don’t wanna” is a good enough reason for me to not. And besides, I think it still holds true that people to a certain extent must deny some sexuality if they don’t choose to be omnisexual. (and keep in mind that what the mind wants does not necessarily correlate to what the body wants).

One crucial step forward I’ve made is to understand and produce my own criteria for morality based on the moral landscape concept, I am now capable of fairly objectively measuring morality, at least to the extent of judging an action to be good or bad (basically I’ve derived a method for deriving morals, yay), so I no longer support any arbitrary moral rules that have no good reason for them. However, there are certainly conscious experiential truths – regardless of whether its an illusion or whether it is subconscious, pain is real.

And that incidentally is why I don’t support transgendered people using straight toilets when transgendered/non gender specific facilities are available, because how they feel inside does not entitle them to changing how other people feel about gender norms and appearances, and may cause distastes among those who are directly affected, besides are you telling me I can use the girl’s rooms as long as I appropriate a wig? I don’t care much for the toilets but I do feel like changing in a appropriate venue.

I look up to masculinity as a partial source of role modellry not because of the patriarchy media, but because I recognize the advantages of certain specific masculine traits as something to be desired. And back to the subject of toilets, while perhaps the gender segregation of toilets was illogical in the first place (think unisex toilets a la battlestar galactica), I think it will be quite a while before we stop clinging onto the ideas of different genders… and privacy (which is another thing that would be utterly unnecessary in a utopian future, click here for why)) and in the mean time its best if we kept genders separated by biology.

But the point is, we have to differentiate between what is and isn’t a right. In a free western society where there are laws against murdering lgbt people, they largely don’t have to worry about persecution so requiring transgendered and genitally mutilated people (aka the sex changed) to wear something obvious or at least be concentrated in a fun camp in order to settle my own possibly irrational fears as outlined above is completely reasonable.

And hey, suggestion #3: Maybe in the future we could detect the sexual orientation of fetuses or even sperm and egg, so if we find a transgender sperm-egg combo set to be born as the opposite sex, maybe we could influence the growth of the fetus or mess with the chromosomes to directly reflect the person’s predicted sexual orientation, to make a future where people don’t have to have sex changes not because its a bigoted future, but because they don’t need to.

I mean, seriously being born the wrong sex is a pretty shitty defect, maybe not on par with being born disabled but still pretty bad, I understand you wanting to be tolerant and diverse and all but have you considered repairing the problems that cause theses defects in the first place? I mean, is sentencing a newborn to a life-time of disability just for the sake of diversity really worth it?

(its 1am for me, my brain isn’t working 100%, I just finished SATs so excuse the quality of this article I’ma finish my poopsies and go rejuvenate on a soft surface now.0, who doesn’t write in the toilet?


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