Dear Feminists: Let’s not fix what isn’t broken, okay?

Dear Feminists who are bitching about culture

In the 1930s if you used the word “nigger”, it was most certainly because you were a prejudiced racist (or an academic or a black person, anyway). The point is, it is now 2014. And in 2014, when most people use the word “nigger”, it’s generally no longer because we hate black people, but either out of admiration for black culture (eg. singing to a rap song), or ironically and in critique of racism. The “n-word” has been reclaimed, if you’re good enough friends with a person calling them “nigger” is no longer an insult, but rather in a usage similar to “bro”. The point is, we no longer have to fight nigger, because racism while still prevalent, is no longer accepted in mainstream culture.

Sure, there are those people who think that the survival of “nigger” is a secret racist plot to take over the world or some bullshit like that, but if it is, then it isn’t working. Nigger usage is at an all-time high, racism is at an all-time low. Is your mind blown yet?

So feminists. If racism was not caused by nigger, and if we can have nigger without being racist, then doesn’t that mean nigger isn’t really the problem? How did we actually fix racism, because we certainly didn’t fix it by silencing everyone who so much as uttered the n-word, no. What we did was instigate a bunch of social programs, that, while certainly not perfect, but nevertheless radically altered the status quo of minorities. There may still be racism, but when you’re a victim of racism society is automatically on your side, you as a minority has legal rights now, and that’s progress.

But but but but – you say – Don’t people nowadays despise things like minstrel shows?

That wasn’t the cause, that was the consequence of the civil rights movement. People didn’t solve racism by shutting down racist media, they started by becoming not racist, and then naturally eliminated racist media from mainstream usage through competing non-racist media, and racist media died not from active censorship, but from competition of the better ideal. The reason? Racist media was a symptom of people being racist, when you removed the racist element then racist media magically disappears (amazing I know right?). If you had just focused on trying to cure the symptom, it wouldn’t have worked because you weren’t tackling the cause. And, if the symptom remains even after the cause has been resolved, then it just means that the symptom is not part of the cause.

And that is what feminists don’t seem to get.

What’s the big, misogynistic thing we have now? Oh video games. Video games that supposedly perpetuate violence against women (as if), video games that objectify women (AS IF). What’s the thing feminists are most afraid of? Oh words. Words like rape *trigger* bitch *trigger* bossy *trigger* cunt *trigger* barbie *trigger* sup *trigger* WELL EXCUSE ME, YOUR WHINYNESS. I thought I was on your side!

Feminists don’t seem to be satisfied that I simply know women are not objects (which they often are, just as the guy at mcdonalds is for all my intents a food-dispensing object), but they want to destroy all entertainment just to get their point across. Hey feminists, do you know why, even though I support womens rights I still save the princess? BECAUSE ITS FUCKING FUN, and I am entitled to escapism, especially since no real women are ever harmed in the making of video games. (Besides, a lot of Call of Duty missions have you kill male enemies to rescue your captured male comrade, does that mean men are objectified as well? Yeah duh, that is the fucking objective, games are about shooting people, but we need a reason so we make one up and it works for us.)

(and why is killing people fun? because it is, you fucking thought police, its only immoral when there’s an actual victim)

Feminists seem to have a hard time understanding that people ARE in fact able to distinguish fiction from reality, but maybe that’s because they can’t. Video games do not cause violent tendencies, video games do not cause misogynistic tendencies, a maniac will go on a killing spree after playing cooking mama while there are people who play GTA in the most violent way possible and afterwards do not even harm a fly. Look, if you want games to stop having misogyny, then go build your own damn game. If you can demonstrate in a full working product that feminist ideology can be fun in video games, more fun than any mainstream title we have now, then maybe gradually people will lean towards buying feminist games instead of non-feminist games, and game developers will see their customers leaving and be a bit more conscious about the sexism in their games.

Because right now video games are fun, and contrary to feminist belief, at the expense of nobody. The primary purpose of video games is to be fun, and as far as that aspect is concerned games are not broken. What feminists seem to be trying to do is to make suggestions that would render games less fun just so that they could feel better about themselves. But guess what, you’re the ones trying to enter the gaming industry. Gaming doesn’t need to adapt to you, you need to adapt to gaming, and putting a fun feminist game on the market would be a good start and get you a solid foothold because only then will gaming need to adapt to you, after all an industry has to adapt to itself.

And I understand that developing a triple A game is hard, you need funding and programmers and game designers and communication and marketing and months of hard work, maybe even years just to develop a buggy hated product, and I get that critique is so much simpler. But then building a better competing culture would be the constructive thing to do, wouldn’t it? If you got off your lazy asses and actually took the effort to make viable alternatives for everyone to see (maybe even base your feminist game off Anita Sarkeesian’s shitty videos? Good luck with that lol) people would have a bit more respect for you feminists.

However, until that happens get the fuck off my culture lawn, you bossy cunts.

A pro-feminism anti-feminist Gamer


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