God’s Logic

Here’s a common defense from Christians whenever you point out how illogical their god is:

“Problem is, atheist try to understand God by putting him on a human level….YOU DON’T DO THAT He doesn’t think the way we do.” (links to original youtube comment)

Well then Mr. Apologist, my question is:

If atheists can’t even understand god’s logic, then how can you?

Are you so pretentious that you think you somehow have a special ability that no rational person possesses to interpret god the way you see fit, while the rest of us are not allowed to interpret god because we’re somehow lesser people?

Get a grip, man, there’s NOTHING special about you.

If we don’t have a right to interpret god, then nobody does. After all, who’s to say that in god’s logic, he means the opposite of everything he tells you?

Whose to say that this isn’t some elaborate test to weed out the faithful for their stupidity?

The answer is, nobody knows for certain, you have no more authority on god’s word than anyone else, however the difference is we have REALITY to back up our “atheist human logic”, and you don’t.


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