Renewable portable energy sources are important

Renewable biofuels cost 4x their energy content to create.

So biofuels are a waste of energy, right?


Biofuels have a similar energy density to fossil fuels, and can replace fossil fuels.

Difference is, fossil fuels takes hundreds of millions of years to form. Biofuels bypass that lengthy process. Do we have a million years to wait around? Nope. Do we have 4x the energy? We should. (note that in the linked article while it says America would need 700 million acres to completely replace our current fuel demand, but of course we can cut that demand by 1. powering infrastructure exclusively through nuclear and renewable sources, 2. replacing cars with EVs so that they can be powered by non fuels as well.)

Okay you say, but where are those 4x energy going to come from?

Renewable and highly efficient sources, duh.

The energy density of biodiesel is around 37MJ/kg. The energy density of thorium is 80,000,000Mj/kg. So even if we spend 60million MJs converting the 20million MJs into biofuel (eg. transporting and growing the plants using electric machinery running off nuclear reactor), we would still get 500,000 thousand kgs of biofuel per kilogram of thorium. That’s TWO FULL TANKS on a 747, for a mere ONE KILOGRAM of nuclear fuel!

Even the efficiency of energy generated by a fossil fuel power station is 2x that of a car’s generator (I remember reading it somewhere, keep in mind we’re talking about energy efficiency, NOT CO2 EMISSIONS), which means that EVs are automatically more efficient than conventional cars, even if the energy still comes from fossil fuels, even after the transfer losses.

But why sacrifice even renewable energy on producing biofuels?

Well, last I checked a 747 doesn’t run on batteries, nor solar panels. Last I checked you can’t fit a nuclear reactor on a 747 without giving everyone cancer. Last I checked the 747 is unsurpassed in terms of transportation capability, and last I checked being able to travel around the world on your whim is a 21st century RIGHT, and the hippies who want to bring us back into the stone age, hating on air travel can go die in a fire.

I may be on the fence about climate change, but the energy crisis and sustainability issues we face are VERY REAL. I envision a future in which there is a thriving biofuel (or equivalent) industry, with large LFTR Thorium Reactors powering city infrastructures and electric gas tanker trucks wheeling around sustainably produced bio-fuels to power our jets, planes and even rockets.

I see a future where we’re absolutely unaffected by global warming because we are able to counter it with all this technology fully powered by renewable energy sources.

A thorium reactor car may be bullshit, but full scale thorium reactors aren’t. We could still power everyone’s cars on 8 grams of thorium fuel if we invest more in EVs and stuff, the electric cars will be drawing power from the grid powered by nuclear energy and be indirectly powered by the thorium, technically.

Nobody is can reasonably contest that Nuclear fuel’s amazing energy density. Look, if we could power 747s and Hondas with on-board nuclear reactors, we would’ve done so already.  But nuclear fuel is so volatile, and reactors require so much shielding, that it’s impractical for every individual to have their own nuclear reactor, certainly not on a plane.

However, converting that nuclear fuel into car and aviation fuel by producing biofuels renewably, as well as improving battery technology, is the next best thing.

Hate on the cost effectiveness of biofuels all you want, but unless you can make a 747 run on renewable energy while achieving the same cost effectiveness as that of biofuels, I suggest you SHUT THE FUCK UP.

ok I’m not exactly an expert, some of the information in this article may be factually incorrect since I’m sourcing all the information off my memory, I just think that biofuels are the only solution to the energy crisis that will allow us to keep our planes and stuff. And hey, maybe those fuel farms will create more jobs and stuff.


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