A typical 3am of an unemployed introverted me


>I auto woke up at 1 due to my ongoing 26 hour cycle

>hopped on my computer, checked my emails and stuff

>checked some ongoing processing tasks

>brushed my teeth with my toothbrush and toothpaste – no cup. My hands are good enough for transporting tapwater to my mouth

>watched an episode of cosmos, got a braingasm from the orchestral climax.

>post on facebook about the braingasm

>was hungry

>ate some cheap fish sausages that were cheap because it stuck to the plastic wrapping and was a bitch to unpackage (brand: Edo Pack)

>fried and ate scrambled eggs

>was thirsty. grabbed a beer because I ran out of coke (brand: Pepsi)

>note to self: buy more pepsi!

>was still hungry, so I poured a bowl of cereal and milk

>even though I’m lactose intolerant, but I’m always 10 seconds away from the nearest toilet, so fuck it.

>ate cereal

>maybe a beer at 3 in the morning isn’t the best decision you can make.


>be meta about it

>ugghhhh I should probably get to work on my college applications.


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