greenpeace did something dumb, oh noes!

10405254_678386932281056_6278009936544655480_nground zero with its forever altered ground line

reminds me of when al qaeda activists desecrated new york’s national treasure, people were really angry as well. in fact, they wrote in to al qaeda’s facebook page to tell them how angry they were.

If this is a national treasure, then where were the people guarding it? I refuse to believe that greenpeace were the only threat to these monuments, there must be some stupid people in Peru. “This is a slap in the face to everything we consider sacred” oh really? So sacred that you couldn’t spare just ONE lousy guard to protect it? just 1 person to say, “hey you can’t do that”? yeah, cultural heritage my ass.

Do peruvians really spend all day thinking about how great the Nazca lines are, or is it only when there’s someone to get mad at because they need a punching bag because their life is just as shitty as everyone else’s?

get over it. it’s a shame, but nobody depends on the nazca lines being intact for anything.


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