Let’s not exempt religion from anything, okay?

Why can’t god help his people out a bit with their taxes? Unless the US government is your god, I wouldn’t mind if you replaced that violent archaic crucifixion symbol with the American flag.

God commands the religious to be humble. Part of being humble is PAYING YOUR GODDAM TAXES, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. You know that road leading up to your church? Yes, that road that hundreds and thousands use to get to your place on sundays? Guess what? Those roads are funded by taxes. PAY THEM, you freeloading cunts.

Conservatives complain about welfare hogs, but the BIGGEST welfare hogs of all – are churches. They literally take free money, and are exempt from paying for the public infrastructure that they use. And in exchange – they provide what? The things they provide are in essence no different from that hobo down the street with the cardboard sign saying “the end is near, repent your sins”. Maybe it’s the air conditioning and the lavish seating.

The difference between a religion and a charity is that charities are dedicated to helping people, their purpose is to give free lunches to the unfortunate. Religions on the other hand are dedicated towards spreading their message, while offering free lunches to the unfortunate as a promotional incentive. If I gave you a free lunch in exchange for you listening to my bullshit, nobody would call that “charity”, rather more accurately describe it as advertising.

Religion should not be an excuse to break the law. I don’t care what you believe, your child is a human being, a human being who deserves freedom of religion, ie. not having your dumbshit religion imposed on his education and healthcare. Many parents have this idea that they own their children. No you don’t. Your child is a human being, and because you made the mistake of giving birth to it, you owe it a healthy future, and if you can’t responsibly do that then the government will do that for you.

“but eric”, I hear you say, “how can you trust the government to inform our children? just centuries ago, governments decided that witches were real – aren’t you opposed to that as an atheist? what makes you so sure that the current government isn’t wrong about something?”

Centuries ago, supernatural bullshit was our best guess for an explanation for the universe. Of course scientific thinkers also existed back then, but it was reasonable to doubt them because the consensus was so minute: Supernatural bullshit was the scientific consensus (believe it or not at one point religion was science, and only separated when people realized that something wasn’t quite right with religion). The right thing to do is not always the best thing to do, but to gamble on the wrong thing in hopes that its the best thing is to set yourself up for losing: for every story of someone who decided to take a detour from the norm and succeeded, there were 10 who took a detour and fell off a cliff.

But now, science is established and proven, the scientific method has progressed into the realm of beyond reasonable doubt and indeed even though every race and creed has its own supernatural bullshit, at the same time every race and creed has plenty of scientists who recognize the current scientific consensus on issues of climate change, whether or not ancient Jews sailed to America etc.

Feeding a person disinformation is violating their human right. That is why when society finds out the government is feeding them disinformation, society stops the government from continuing to do so, instead of allowing the government to decided what “truth” is best for it -because there is only one most likely truth, and that truth is whatever truth the best minds in a society agree to be the truth.

If there’s one thing all children need to learn, it’s critical, logical thinking. In schools, the teaching methods are somewhat public, and can be reviewed on its effectiveness in teaching critical thinking. In the home-school scenario however, quality control is only determined by public test results which are only partially representative of the quality of education a child has received.

The religious say that children are humans, and that’s why many of them are against abortion because fetuses are also humans. Well guess what- if children are humans then they deserve basic human rights such as education devoid of your irrational personal beliefs. Secular education is the best, not because it doesn’t take sides, but precisely because it takes the side of neutrality on the “debatable” issues.

Religions should not be exempt from scientific scrutiny. The scientific process only applies to reality, and just so happens that religion tries to apply itself to reality all the time. The reason we use the scientific process is because it works in ascertaining patterns, and just because something sounds mystical does not mean it should be exempt from testing and validating.

The apologists will say “but god is supernatural, how can you test something that is not natural” to which I say:If god is real, then god is not supernatural.  Calling a (hypothetically real) god supernatural is no more absurd than calling artificial chemicals supernatural. Just because it does not occur within your native environment doesn’t mean it doesn’t follow rules – and if it does follow rules, that means it is natural ie. can be predictable and tested, in which case the scientific method applies.

“Natural” in the context of “supernatural” denotes everything real. For something to be truly supernatural, it has to be not real.

The point is, religion should not be exempt from anything that normal people and organizations are not exempt from. For example, if the religious make fallacious claims, then jail them or whatever.


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