Extremists are giving us moderates a bad name

You know those radicals.

The ones I’m talking about.

The people who will execute someone for being different.

The people who will deny civil rights to others due to their irrational personal beliefs.


Well, I’m not one of them.

Sure, sometimes, I also find the same people they hate as scary, and I too feel uncomfortable even at the mention of these… people.

To tell you the truth, they give me the creeps.

But I also want everyone to be happy, even those abnormals, I want them to be happy as well.

All I ask is that they remain a respectful distance from me, if they are able to. Political Correctness be damned, I just want public space to be comfortable for me, I just want a bit of courtesy.

I dislike them, because I am conditioned by the culture of my time to do so. I am never going to truly accept them as human beings, but I would allow them the same rights as human beings, because I recognize that the problem is with me.

I am the one who cannot stand some of the more outlandish implications of their existence.

Perhaps the children of the next generation will be more accepting than I am.


The extremists give us moderates a bad name.

Us moderates don’t advocate violence or even prejudice as a solution to our own insecurities, we abhor it.

But we also request that society respect our beliefs, and learn to differentiate between us and the extremists who are doing the real damage, and not attack us for any of our thought crimes.

You don’t have to be intolerant of all intolerants, let my people die out in peace.


Representing all moderate homophobes, peace!


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