Do Atheists go to hell?

Religious moral panic assumes atheists don’t have a big scary hell to keep us in check. But we do,and we don’t even need a vengeful angry jealous god to enforce it. It’s called a shitty life.

Thing is, we atheists, and the religious, and everyone else are currently in atheist hell, just yearning to be saved by something.

Our efforts to climb out have yielded results, throughout history we have managed to turn down the flames and release the cuffs on the tortured, but we are still burning and digging our way out in the horrendous heat.

Everyone wants to climb out of the pit, that’s our drive for doing anything, that’s been basic human motivation ever since our species was conscious. Morality is nothing special, just a means of sustainability.

Yet the religious are telling everyone that when we cease to exist in atheist hell, we will be transported to a worse hell for which they have no proof for, and that we should put down our digging tools and pray for our salvation, and hope that instead we will go to a realm of mediocrity not even necessarily better than where we can be if we keep digging.

We can already see the light coming in from the cracks as a result of our digging, and the digging of generations before us. Life is shitty, life can be less shitty, these are facts that have been proven with every progression society has made.

We can climb out of this pit, but religions are fucking up our efforts to climb out of this pit, with its fallacious thinking, misinformation and blatant lies.

Are the abysmal conditions of being human not enough for you? 7 minutes without oxygen, we die. A few celsius deviation in our body temperature, we die. Pull a few G-s on any of the multitude of critical organs on our bodies, we die. Pain receptors that torture our awareness each time they’re triggered, and thousands of ways to trigger them, any one of them can be triggered at any moment.

Nobody chose this life. Nobody deserves this.

Atheists go to hell. Atheists are in hell, and so are you.


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