H265 is awesome

interview screencap

Today I downloaded and watched an h265 hevc encoded film for the first time. I’m impressed.

The above screenshot was taken from a 600kbps encode of h265 video @720p, and as you can see, artifacts are barely visible, and even those that are visible are non intrusive.

If this were an h264 encoding, even with x264 @ placebo compression there would be a lot more fuzzy artifacts in the video.

The only downside to h265 is that 1) it takes too long to encode, and 2) as of 2014 december, not enough devices support it. But this situation will certainly be rectified in the coming generation of mobile devices, many mediatek chips already support hardware decoding h265 video.

For the past 5 days, I have been encoding a single 1080p h265 video (the movie firefly) @placebo settings with a RF quality of 27, and while I ended up with a 800mb 800kbps file, I couldn’t view it because the encode was probably corrupted in some way.

Currently it seems that h265 encoding is out of my i5-4670’s league, but watching h265 video isn’t. If you aren’t already, when browsing totally legal torrent sites always choose the h265(x265) encode if possible, the current version of VLC supports it out of the box.

Also, I look forward to Google’s version of h265 (VP10? VP9 seems to be a competitor of h264 if anything) being implemented in youtube.


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