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Having recently been banned from a supposed forum of free thought for “being ignorant” (ie. saying something offensive), I thought it would be a good idea to make my stance on censorship clear.

There are two types of censorship: Serverside censorship and clientside censorship. When I say this, I don’t just mean computers, but for all media.

Serverside censorship is controlling the information at its source, filtering it before it is broadcast. A website that always turns fuck into ***** is exacting serverside censorship.

As you might have guessed, clientside censorship on the other hand, is filtering the information at the receiving end. An obvious example would be a website that lets you toggle the profanity filter so that its your choice whether or not to feast your eyes upon the sinful language of scum.

And that’s a good thing, because in that scenario the choice of whether you want to see something or not is up to you, and any lack of awareness is of no fault but your own.

If the clientside censorship technology was mature enough, I would like nothing more to that have absolutely nothing censored server side. Sure, most people would still choose to turn on the spam filter, but at least I am not censoring anybody, because at the core, even spam can be used as an excuse to censor.

Imagine if someone linked to wikileaks as evidence for settling a debate. Sure, you could open that link and find out you’re wrong about the spanish comfy chair advanced inquisition techniques, or you could just delete that comment for being spam, and censor your opposition.

Any exception to free speech at all already provides too much opportunity for abuse.

Then, of course there’s always the outcries: But think of all the harm…

If you’re talking about hurting feelings, all I’m saying is that – not only should people toughen the fuck up, but that also we should help them tough up. Tell me exactly what’s so wrong with arming everyday people with the emotional stability needed to face the truth? These censorship mongering nothing nice to say don’t say nuttin advocates would rather people be wishy washy fragile sensitivity training, they would rather tiptoe around the elephant in the room than calm it the fuck down, keeping people in a constant fear of offense for the slightest misstep would cause a devastating rampage.

Censorship is wrong.  Sadly it seems that even people who pride themselves in being skeptics are not above censorship.

And in case you were wondering what exactly did I say that was so outrageous:

note that I don’t have my original wording because the post was deleted, but it was something to the effect of:

“No Religion appeals more to the domesticated clit than Christianity”

Make what you will of that.


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