Diary of a racist, sexist gamer.

Dear Diary, I love GTA!

Every time I get behind the virtual wheel, blacks and women better watch the fuck out!

White males are cool though, I make an effort not to run them over, I’m a responsible selective murderer like that. In fact, for every virtual cis white male I encounter – I will stop my car, dismount and wave at them, shake hands, friend them on facebook as well as treat them with respect, like real human beings. In my video game, absolutely no white male is allowed to be background or decoration or pawn in my game, because objectification is just plain wrong.

Thanks, Rockstar games! if Rockstar weren’t racists and sexists, I certainly would not have been allowed to selectively kill off all the blacks and women I encounter in the game, in various creative ways! When I kill a female, I only use my pistol, but when I kill men I will use the more expensive and infinitely more awesome bazooka, therefore clearly, Rockstar is making a sexist statement!

I mean, sure, I get chased by the game’s cops just as much if I get spotted killing blacks and women as I do white victims, but even if I get killed in the subsequent chase, I can restart from a savegame, thus there’s virtually no consequences to me being a racist and sexist! I mean, video games are in fact all about actual consequences, otherwise why bother with the complex process of coding a videogame at all?

Come to think of it, since I’m a typical adult male gamer who as we all know doesn’t distinguish between real life and fiction, I think I’ll just go murder me some actual blacks and women.

After all, I do have a gruesome past as a professional thug, it will be super easy to pull this off, even though there are hundreds of news reports every day of gamers like me who rape and murder people because they’ve been conditioned by the video games, I am different from them because I have the typical gamer mentality that I am actually in real life a video game protagonist!

Love, Average Male Gamer

gamersGet a grip, you cunts.

You may think we gamers don’t give a shit about games and only want misogyny, but you’ve got it all reversed:

Gamers don’t care about misogyny, all we want are good games. And more than often, political correctness just gets in the way of that, ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS AN OPEN WORLD GAME, and OPEN WORLD stands for I DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT, INCLUDING MURDERING WOMEN AND BLACKS AND ANY OTHER MAJORITY OR MINORITY I PLEASE.

As gamers, we decide the level of simulation we want in our games, especially games whose target audience IS US. If you don’t want games to contain misogyny, or racism, or reality, you don’t have to include it in your game. But don’t you try to decide what is and isn’t okay for OUR games, you don’t get to.

We’re okay with women (and feminists) in gaming, just don’t trespass into our territory if your intention is to convert our entertainment into sensitivity training bullshit.

In conclusion, you self righteous moral panicker feminist white knight rescue women from the evil gamer types (especially you in the mainstream media) can go suck a dick.


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