Why its okay to fat shame

Being Fat is a special snowflake problem.

By that I mean, oh look at me, because I’ve got this problem that only fat people can understand, therefore I’m better than you and I’m allowed to tell you what you can and cannot say about us, because I’m a controlling piece of shit.

You know the type of fat people who’ve learned all the fat jokes in the world, and when they get made fun of, they just laugh or smile or are at least perpetually unaffected, maybe even annoyed – but, the one thing they’re never is hurt. If you have to be fat, then be those people.

Your so-called fat shaming is a big element of comedy, it brightens up people’s days, motivates those who do have self control and all at the costs of- WHAT? You enjoying more tasty snacks and then blaming it on self pity? You already can’t help eating, you obviously like snacks, and a long life isn’t worth living without the things you enjoy, anyway.

Fat is simply bad. Even though beauty is subjective, objectively most people can agree that subjectively, fat is not superficially beautiful. Fat is gross. Fat gets you less mpg. And superficiality does fucking matter.

If you’re sad because of references to fat in entertainment, advertisement, and everyday conversation, you’ve got nothing to blame but your own weak, pathetic emotional stability – NOBODY should be that sensitive – its unhealthy.

Name calling and fat jokes aren’t bullying, bullying is when people rob you, steal from you, when they damage your shit, beat you up and you can’t get them back or stop them because you’re not strong or nimble enough and society doesn’t give a shit. When people take advantage of your condition to physically harm you, that’s bullying.

Sure, words have consequences, but the consequences of words themselves can be easily mitigated, thus in practicality words don’t need to have negative consequences, and its your own damn fault if you let words have consequences.

In conclusion, the Fat Acceptance Movement needs to go die in a pool of ignited lard.


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