Why anti-bullying campaigns work-ish against cyberbullying

We on the dishing end and the receiving end of the bullying spectrum both know that those clever comebacks, witty remarks and cheesy songs don’t work as well as we’d like when we’re being robbed, or beaten, or having our stuff broken, pressing the power button on our computer while we’re working, being harassed and intimidated etc. by bullies who are faster and stronger.

That is normal bullying – the type that can only be solved by an unbiased security force’s protection. Because who has time to grow muscles and work out and learn self defense? Not this nerd virgin.

But protecting yourself against cyberbullying is much simpler. Even the dullest of minds can master the basics of proper electronic security after a day or less. After they know how to protect their data, all they then have to do is to get desensitized to mean words.

It may be difficult, but it’s certainly easier than growing muscles, learning self defense or carrying a taser or pepper spray that you know the bully’s going to bash your face in with because you can’t even use girly weapons.

The easiest way to not give two shits about cyberbullying is to be physically bullied, because even though its far from ideal, at least on the line you have a fighting chance.

Anti-bullying campaigns are misleading, because they’re ineffective at curbing the aggressors at best. The real function of a good anti bullying campaign – all the singing and dancing and hash tags, is to provide emotional support for the victims. Again, emotional support doesn’t work so well when some piece of shit is bashing your face in. On the internet however, emotional stability is the only thing that matters.

Stand your ground, be anonymous, report the bullies, retort if you want, call in the anti-bullying white knights if you must. Whether you choose to milk the victim mentality or to not give into the victim mentality is up to you. The bullies won’t just go away, but if you’ve stopped being miserable about it then you will have won.

Again and I must reiterate, bullying is crime, and crime is serious. There shouldn’t even be a separate word for bullying. Anti-bullying campaigns don’t work, because the best way to curb bullying is to maximize accountability: full surveillance coverage on school grounds and other deterrents. “Focus group” tested, scalable punishments designed to combat different bully personalities.


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