If you ever wanna know who just became king

The target of assassinate attempting

I am 5 foot 10 inches of your wishful thinking.

Couldn’t let reality sink in, stole a lift to the ceiling

The more you know, the more you think you don’t

Until you do All that proves is nothing,

except you’re reading too much Or not enough

When you need more you get what you pay for

So don’t stay sore at my intellectual décor

Taking store of information, I get to do

Everything that I ever wanted to

There’s absolutely nothing that’s outta my grasp

I punch fallacy till it trade breath for gasp

Or counting breasts for math, I can best the task

Of stepping on ass of emcees I sacked

Because I cracked the code of lyrics I stole

I’m the embodiment of all you suckas payroll

Cold broke so stoked that you’re out in the streets

Behold, this Asian joker just had you beat

So take a seat on the train of obsolesce

In some dark alley you suck cock for pence

Just to stay alive, no you can’t survive the tense

Rhymes I apply on your wounds, you die a senseless death

It’s tragic when I’m at it you’ll believe in magic

This atheist stumps your mic got nothing but static

Keep thrashing at the vortex thats pulling you in

It’s reality sinking your shit grin


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