I Have Beauty Standards, You Have B.S.


^Why the comment above and people who share the mindset are wrong.

I approve of photoshopping, as long as it is made clear that an image is photoshopped. Because, even though photoshopped images do not represent the reality of human appearance, they do in fact represent the ideal. The ideal is the goal of humanity’s evolution, or at least part of it.

Since a Stone Age monkey wielded the first rock, humanity has been on an indefinite quest to improve the human condition. Life span, recreation, enjoyment of life, everything has been somewhat improved compared to their “natural” state. This, includes people’s appearance.

There’s a sect of feminist. Well, when I say feminist I really mean Social Justice Warriors in general as the mindset doesn’t only apply to women. But there’s a sect of people who believe that appearance is superficial and thus doesn’t matter. They see the hippos and walruses and their short out-of-captive life spans in their lard-laden bodies, and they say, look! Fat is natural. Who are you to judge?

There’s a reason girls (and people in general, and even animals) want to look attractive. It’s not because of the patriarchy, or the media, or the fashion companies, but it’s because being attractive is (gasp) a good thing. Looking good gets you sex, friends, admiration, confidence and that’s why people do it, because they recognize that pretty – is good. There is an objective standard for beauty, that is the prevailing beauty standard.

When you say “who are you to judge”, you are ignoring the fact that people want to be judged, or more specifically they want to be judged good. All this hate on superficiality is nonsense, because only the exceptional few can possess both talent and looks. Now ideally everybody would be both beautiful, smart and interesting, but that is currently not the case. So a bunch of our smart but ugly ancestors started a smear campaign against superficiality in order to get laid, and while that has worked out meh, I think it is time to acknowledge that both the deep and the shallow are important. Nobody wants to live in a world where disfigured intellectuals have reluctant (and frankly disgusting) sex in order to maintain their mandated quota for population growth.

The picture does not depict women in their natural state. It only depicts a woman in her natural state. A woman unconfident in her disporportionate body and unshaven pubic hair, sorry complexion and just generally being unhappy, because she is far from ideal. Sure, she may not be ugly by today’s standards, she may even be above average, but you can’t honesty look at that image with her uneven breasts, unshaven cunt, and then tell me there’s nothing wrong with her, because you’d be lying.

You’d also be lying, if you were to insinuate that beauty standards are just arbitrary. No, beauty standards assess a person’s superficial appeal as a human being. Humanity’s beauty standards were molded by generations of genetics and evolution, our fascination with symmetry, smooth skin, youth etc all has solid evolutionary basis, and all photoshop does is show us what it would be like if people were perfect. To suppress such an evolutionary instinct and then claim a fat or ugly person is actually beautiful because of ideological reasons, is not noble, it’s stupid. A fat or ugly person may have a redeeming quality but it won’t be because of their looks.

It’s perfectly valid to be dissatisfied with a woman’s appearance, because once you acknowledge that it is an area of the human condition that needs improving, only then can the problem be remedied, because fuck knows that people in their “natural” state aren’t perfect, and it’s a perfectly natural tendency of evolved social animals to fix what is broken in their attempt to improve every aspect of their life, including the aesthetics of elements of their environment.

I am a male, and while I am perfectly satisfied with my face, my body is significantly short on muscle mass, thus rendering me far from the ideal male standard. For whatever reason, I do not have the time nor the will to exercise, yet I still would prefer if I had a six pack and could lift 2 tons of weights. Of course, con men have recognized this insecurity and frequently offer bullshit fitness schemes or some sort of “revolutionary new technique”, but as long as the issue is in the public attention and not dismissed as some arbitrary standard, people will continue to research ways of reducing the difficulty of weight loss and fitness programs – all it takes is one real scientific breakthrough. I fully believe in the future people will just go through their day being naturally fit, either because of some bio-enhancement or a passive fitness program that integrates exercise into your daily regime, making you exercise without you sweating it.

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where, due to medical and scientific advancement, everyone was beautiful both on the inside and on the outside? I would. I want to be in a world where a person is considered good looking not because people are afraid of being labelled shallow, but because they genuinely think and feel that way. I want to live in a world where a car is well tuned on the inside, but also has a snazzy paint, and everybody owns one.

Of course, I’m not saying that fat and ugly people cannot be genuinely considered beautiful, they’re just so far off that side of the scale that they won’t be considered beautiful by the majority of people. If you’re okay with eating out of the dumpster then good for you, but don’t pretend that you have better sensibilities than those in the restaurant.


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