DO NOT equivocate Chapel Hill Shooting to Charlie Hebdo

1. What is the Charlie Hebdo shooting?

The shooters in Hebdo were sending a clear message, one obvious from the onset and never denied by the perpetrators before, during and after: DO NOT INSULT ISLAM

When the gunman shot the french police officer, he yelled “Allah hu akbar”. When Danish cartoonists drew mohammad, mass riots erupted in the Middle East with violent protesting against infidels. Danish tourists were attacked for the explicit purpose of sending the message: DO NOT INSULT ISLAM

In terrorist attacks, there is a clear ideological motive that has to be expressed and backed without compromise. No true Jihadist would put his own life before the cause, the message has to be sent, clearly and firmly.

Liberal schmucks try to put the terrorist attacks as a case of a reaction against U.S. invasion and western interference in their country, blaming all these economical factors… and while those events certainly would have strengthened the terrorist’s resolve, the root cause of the Hebdo and Danish attacks was WITHOUT A QUESTION – RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM.

Charlie Hebdo was not a simple act of war, it wasn’t a get-you-back for the deaths caused by western military action, no. If they simply wanted war revenge, they would make it clear indication, “you kill us and we kill you.” But Charlie Hebdo wasn’t a case of eye for an eye, was it? Unfortunately for the politically correct retards, Charlie Hebdo was a case of  “you insult our prophet and we kill you”, it was an act of terrorism designed from the get-go not for vengeance against the drone strikes, but to shut down freedom of expression.

People rallied behind Charlie Hebdo and Je Suis Charlie because there was a very real threat of free speech being diminished. Islam was trying to shut down free speech and the idea behind reposting those comics was you can’t kill us all.

2. What is the Chapel Hill Shooting?

When you compare these cases of terrorism to the Chapel Hill Shooting, there is a clear difference.

Chapel Hill Shooting was nothing more than a normal ass murder committed by a gun-nut. There was no message sent, the killer did not make a statement about how all muslims were evil and deserved to die, instead the murderer turned himself in to the police to save his own ass. That’s precisely what a normal non-political non-terrorist murderer would do.

This is as far from terrorism as could possibly be, because there is no moral case to be made for the murder of secular muslims, while Islamic terrorism on the other hand could be considered vigilantism as it is in line with Islamic morals. Craig Hick’s wife said that the murder was over a parking dispute, and given that this did happen in the USA I am in fact inclined to believe her.

It was a simple murder committed by a psychopath who had absolutely 0 moral support from anyone, an act condemned by all major sects of everybody without the associated victim blaming we had in the Hebdo case, and quite frankly a bunch of opportunistic cunts are appropriating this event for their own political agenda in their backlash against secularism, and what’s worse is it’s working because of the unsurprising of idiots on the internet and in the world.

So 3 brown people got killed by a white guy, cry me a river. In America, racist whites and blacks (of the non-police variety) kill each other all the time, yet those murders are not treated as a race issue, NOR ARE THEY EQUIVOCATED WITH TERRORISM, because THOSE MURDERS ARE NOT TERRORISM. These murderers may be discriminate of race, but unlike Islamic extremism there is no central ideology unifying them.

Chapel Hill Shooting was not a terroristic statement, and I mean how would that even work? “Okay, uh, I’ll go shoot 3 muslims in the head, and then turn myself in, lie about my motives saying it was due to a parking dispute, get unanimously condemned by the entire world, get divorced, ruin my entire life while incriminating secularism and atheism ideologies I’m supposed to be killing for, I mean surely that will threaten and strike fear into the hearts of those sand-niggers!!!!!

And honestly, what would a Je Suis Muslim movement accomplish? Absolutely nothing, EXCEPT UNDERMINE THE JE SUIS CHARLIE MOVEMENT.

It’s a fair guess that no minority is more scared of getting murdered today than they were a week ago.  America can be a very racist place, but the racists were no less racist than they were yesterday, and the non racists were no more racist than they were yesterday. If you’re a minority in America, the Chapel Hill Shooting makes no difference to your chance of being murdered. Rallying in a protest against the Chapel Hill Shooting is just as pointless as rallying against Charles Manson. It’s like, yeah, he did it, and he’s getting punished for it, stop milking it you cunt.

The characterization of hate crime is meaningless, indeed I go about my day hating many types of people without murdering a single one of them (gasp!). People commit crimes either when they decide that the law is worth breaking, or if they’re too crazy to care. Hate is a factor, but not a significant factor.

3. College Level Politically Correct Dishonesty

Today in Chapel Hill, three Muslims were killed in their home by a white man. They were killed in their own homes and community for being Muslim.

No, they were killed due to a reportedly long-ongoing parking dispute. Race may have been a factor, although not as significant a factor as hot-headed rage over an unresolved issue.

These were three young people who did nothing but help their community. Deah Barakat was a dental student who provided emergency dental care in Palestine. His wife, Yusor Abu-Salha was about to start her own studies. Razan, Yusor’s sister, was studying for an Architecture and Environmental design degree. These were people who assimilated in to ‘American’ culture, they gave to their community, they went to basketball games yet they were still killed for being Muslim.

Yet more evidence that they weren’t killed for being muslim.

And where is the media? Where are the world leaders condemning their deaths?

World leaders do not condemn their deaths because we kinda figured out already that plain old normal murder is wrong. The reason Hebdo was a controversy was because we’re still a bit confused whether the religious murders count and whether we should victim blame free speech.

Where is the ‪#‎JeSuisMuslim‬ hashtag?

Because I am not a fucking Muslim.

Also because its not the same thing. The purpose of Hebdo killings is to shut down free speech. The purpose of Chapel Hill is the murder itself. Again we see some dumb pricks who don’t understand the importance of free speech because to them, Hebdo is also simple murder issue therefore the two events are equal. Hebdo shootings were designed to coerce people into shutting up with their blasphemy. I guess the muslim equivalent would be to stop being muslim, but the dispute was not about whether the muslims should continue to be muslim, it was over a fucking parking space.

If Muslims were being killed for merely expressing their opinion, then I would be 100% behind #JeSuisMuslim.

Where are the world leaders marching the streets like they did for Charlie Hebdo? Why aren’t we asking white atheists what it is about their community that breeds killers? Why aren’t the media branding all white men as terrorists?

For an act to be considered terrorism, the ideology needs to be PART OF the act. A robber holding up a bank doesn’t count as terrorism just because the robber identifies as a muslim. If a muslim did rob a bank nobody would call that shit terrorism. Indeed, if it isn’t terrorism, then its a normal ass robbery, which is a security and crime issue rather than a political/religious/RACE issue and you should stop spinning it as such.

That’s because to the media Muslim lives do not matter. That is because white supremacy is still alive and well today. When as Muslims we talk about Islamophobia being on the rise, our struggle is consistently ignored. When we are killed and not even safe in our own homes, we are still ignored.

No, that’s because in the bigger picture, normal lives don’t matter to the news. The news is not obligated to deliver an obituary for every single boring death. African AIDS babies die all the time, and I couldn’t worry less about it.  It’s nothing to do with supremacy, it’s about prioritization. When hebdo was attacked, free speech itself was in jeopardy. In the Chapel Hill shootings, nobody aside from the victims were in any danger. The Chapel Hill shooting belongs in the local news channel alongside all the other local murders. It’s a security and safety issue that has been spun into a political issue by fuckheads like yourself.

Islamophobia is not the same thing as arab-phobia. Islam is a shit religion, Arabs are people. Islam deserves the phobia it gets, and Arabs would stop feeling attacked if they’d stop taking it personally.

You are safe in your own home as far as statistics would allow.  Whether your murdered or not is not a race issue but a safety issue, if you weren’t so caught up in your victim mentality you’d recognize that.


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