Suicide is bad for society. Even the death of an unemployed minimum wage worker constitutes a loss of potential workforce.

The gospel of the simulation software called Galactic Civilizations II teaches us that the more people there are in a society, the more income you receive from taxes, the more production and research you get done, and the better off your people are. However it also tells us that in situations of overpopulation, morale drops drastically. Whenever you overpopulate, you get more work done but also you can never get your approval on the capital planet above 40% because their living space is so cramped. Good for society but bad for the individual.

Life is often good for society, but sometimes bad for individuals. When you struggle to stay alive, you can be overwhelmed. There are times eg. when life is tearing you a new asshole, when suicide is the lesser of two evils.

Taking one’s own life is a human right. But more than that, it is a human ability. As of this moment I can count at least 10 items in my room that can be easily fatal. I go out of my way to avoid its harm, and yet suppose I wanted to, I could take my own life.

And I would if I decided it was necessary. If I had a terminal illness and was undergoing immense pain, I might request euthanasia. If life had become too depressing and no one I care about depended on me for their well being, I might kill myself.

If I were suicidal, I would be dead. But I am not, because there are too many factors holding me back. What factors exactly? List the obvious ones, they are enough.

I am pro suicide (as long as I don’t have to deal with the mess afterwards, because NIMBY). Suicide is escape, suicide is power. From bomb-strapped terrorists to whiny faggot kids to people with other forms of depression, suicide represents something that their continued life cannot offer.

Suicide was a crime in Hong Kong before 1967 as a law instituted by the colonial British government. My mother considers the suicide law a point for Christianity. But, making suicide illegal is a breach of human rights. Nobody should be allowed to confiscate this last resort for the terminally desperate. Withholding suicide from a person is essentially slavery. You know who else punishes suicides? Secret police and mobsters. “You kill yourself, we kill your whole family.”

Consider the suicide of this tranny teen. Before its suicide, this person would have been a nobody. A victim of the conditions that led to their transgender preference. Unable to cope with social norms, and the opinions of others. But, in his suicide, the tranny gets power. He may be dead, but he becomes a martyr. He raises issues and awareness that may just save the lives of countless other trannies. The tranny escapes the bullying, and his death saves the lives of other tranny teens. Suicide is death, suicide is escape, suicide is power. Lose-win-win.

NOTE before anyone tries to call me a bigot:

This ties into a previous article about gender. If a tranny wants to live LIKE a girl put on makeup and stuff, he should be free to. But society cannot and should not be coerced into lying about his sex. A sex change is only cosmetic, and EVEN IF we got to a point in technology where men could have fresh working vaginas installed in place of their groins, it still does not change the amount of chromosomes they were born with.

Give them a new sex if necessary, but males should never be considered female, and vice versa. When I say he or she, I am using a descriptive pronoun describing your SEX, not your GENDER. You have to earn the “MR” or “MS” no different than the way doctors earn the prefix “DR” – you don’t get to use the title just because you feel like it. Sure Dr. Dre calls himself that but nobody thinks he is a real doctor, meanwhile you want people to treat you like you were the real sex for which you are not. The only thing that qualifies you as a male or female is to actually be that sex. If you are neither sex, then you are neither sex and you don’t get to use the words that describe either sex.

In his suicide note, “Leelah” says he is a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Any sane person should conclude that the solution isn’t to mutilate their genitals, but to make sure that people are born into correct genders in the first place. Being born trans is no different from being born ugly. Nobody wants to be born ugly and then have to go through heavy surgery, if they can help it. Nobody wants to be a problem that needs fixing (one way or the other mind you).

Maybe I’m just “old fashioned” in this issue. If future generations are okay with mixing up the sex terminology then sure, whatever. But in the meantime keep that bullshit away from me.

All that being said, suicide prevention is an absolutely necessary feature of society. This stems from the same cynicism, because on the other hand, people are fucking morons. People are bad at math, people are bad at decision making in general, me included.

It would be a real shame if one day I messed up my calculations and decided life wasn’t worth living, only to find out as a spooky ghost wearing a slant-eyed KKK-Hood floating over my bigoted Asian corpse that the alcohol or some hormone thing made my problems seem 999x worse than it actually is and that I would’ve been better off alive.


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