Hey feminists, understand the difference between Initiation and Vindication

Initiation: The media that causes a change in a person’s attitude

Vindication: The media that reinforces a person’s attitude

Most media vindicates, because most people consume media they already enjoy. No equality loving liberal has ever entered a video-game only to leave a raging conservative misogynist. Vice versa, no one has ever entered a video game a sexist pig and exited a champion of Feminism.

Sure, all media exert a certain amount of influence. Political propaganda for example can be effective at affecting public opinion, but videogames just don’t have that kind of swaying power because they are not made for that purpose.

A powerful speech for example may initiate a racist’s transformation into a non-racist, while vindicating the opinion of existing non racists, but then – it was designed to persuade. Don’t be a conspiracy theorist – the patriarchy is not out there trying to persuade the men of the world to hate women, contrary to popular opinion nobody is intentionally trying to create misogynists.

Most videogames are designed for the sole purpose of entertainment, many titles are often entirely market driven, which means everything it represents already correspond to the views of its target audience, in which case the perceived sexism in the game would be a symptom, not a cause, and no amount of bitching about videogames would change that.

Many open world games have features designed for vindication,  and that is their selling point: no matter your creed or ideology, you can enjoy this game. Feminists, you have to understand that people don’t play games to change their views.

Maybe your feminist game is some hipster social commentary, but in the games I play, I just want the freedom to shoot bad guys and zombies without the game getting all preachy on me. I don’t know how you play videogames, but I just ignore the parts of the game that I dislike, or if the game really annoys me, I uninstall it, and maybe try to get my money back. For example as an atheist, I’m always weary of the overtly supernatural. My point is that if I play a game with religious overtones, I will do anything to deal with that fact but what I don’t do is decide to convert to that religion.

Take Far Cry 4 for example, there was some controversy about racism, but nobody was bitching about whether the game was promoting drug use, nor did anyone give a shit that the supernatural seemed to influence the game’s reality, and that the game was anti-atheist because the game’s antagonist banned all religion.

I mean, if games influence people then surely the moral panickers should be worried about FC4 promoting the use of drugs? But… we know that nobody is going to be any more or less interested in drugs from playing a game like FC4, because we all have weighed the real life effects and consequences of drug use and made our decision about it beforehand.

Drug use in Far Cry is a game mechanic to boost your capabilities, nobody plays Far Cry and concludes “since drug use in this game is so awesome, thus the same must be true for real life!” Similarly, prostitution in GTA is a game mechanic to boost your health, while killing the prostitute afterwards is a game mechanic to get your money back.

Nobody is under any illusions about the legality of killing prostitutes, except for misogynistic criminals who had no qualms with hooker murder in the first place. Either way, the level of misogyny is unchanged when you induce the game as a factor.

When real life criminals are misogynists, its scary. But when gamers are accused of misogyny, then all of a sudden you have a punching bag that you can sock all the while playing victim. Hating gamers is easy. In the first world (where you and gamers predominantly live), rape is a safety issue, and don’t pretend its anything else.  There is no moral ambiguity about rape. There is no cultural exception that allows rapists to be justified.

You know feminists, I’d like to see statistics for misogyny levels. Probably dropping. Yet videogames are more popular than ever. Misogyny is dropping, yet you can kill all the strippers and hookers you want in a computer simulation.

Hey feminists, is your Mind Blown Yet? My mind isn’t because I understand the purpose of entertainment simulations: they are precisely designed to depict things inappropriate in reality. It may be difficult for you to believe, but I don’t aspire to be a professional thug or hitman or soldier. And you know what? Fuck you. Killing hookers is fun. Killing strippers is fun. Killing people, and being bad in general is fun.

You know what’s not fun? ACTUAL FUCKING DEATH. ACTUAL SUFFERING. I don’t like people dying, yet I want to kill things.

“Buh buh buh life is about being repressed and frustrated and your primal desires unsatisfied! You can’t have your cake and eat it too, that’s crazy!”

Yes I can, I have video games, so FUCK YOU.


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