The Gospel

Hey there. Have you heard the gospel?
While you and I may be criminals who regularly harm others, intentionally or otherwise, knowingly or unknowingly, there is hope for the future.
While it may be true now that nobody is born without crime, it doesn’t have to be this way.
See, there is this big evil antagonist behind all of crime: Causes.
Whenever a person does something good, or bad, its because of causation manifesting itself into multiple influences to guide people to doing good or bad things.
Maybe nobody is born without crime, but we can change that.
All that has to be done is the gradual process of remedying the causes of crime.
Now hold on a second, you may be saying. how exactly do we do that?
And the answer is through the rigorous process of investigation and research.
When we change things about the present, we are shaping the future. We are colliding our weapons of justice with causation, and molding it to our liking.
With a combination of changes to the world, we will eventually create a place where nobody is born with crime.
I see a future where people have absolutely no reason to harm each other. I see a future where people happily cooperate for everyone’s mutual benefit.
Such a future is out of our reach, yet we have come closer to it than all the generations before us, and every stride we make towards that future is an improvement that potentially benefits ourselves.
So, play your part in society. Help improve the human condition. Do it for our legacy, for justice, and for your own personal gain.
The world may look grim, but if you look at the bigger picture, it has become less grim, and will continue in that direction, for that is the over all trend.
This is the gospel. It is not supernatural, it is not fictional, it does not require arbitrary suffering or mass destruction and genocide dictated by any invisible cosmic dictator.
It is reality, and we’re living it right now.


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