How is this hate speech


“nigger nigger nigger. no african americans were harmed in the making of this post. and those children israel kills were being used as human shields anyway. innocent, yes. combatants, yes. maybe we should all hide our military base inside a city and then cry when there’s collateral damage. I’m not a huge fan of Israel but you cannot deny that letting them stay in the volatile region was a tactical move.”

How much do you wanna bet it was some oversensitive white liberal faggot cunt with a remote victim complex who flagged my post?

The post in question was a reply to someone who used the phrase “n-word” and bitching about the innocent children killed by Israel.

For the millionth time Bill you are a bigot and a cultural racist. You use the word “Hillbilly” the same way others use the “N” word and no matter how many children Israel kills they did nothing wrong. I’ve never heard you criticize the state of Israel. OK. Lets turn it around. Because you are criticizing Israel does not mean you are an anti semite.

All I was demonstrating was that the phrase “nigger” does not in itself harm black people. But of course, according to the mentally challenged retards at facebook, it constituted hate speech.

As for the comment on Israel, I was criticizing Palestine authorities for allowing their children to stay in a volatile area. I’m not victim blaming, but rather its common sense – I understand it when an adult consciously chooses to stay in a disputed region in protest of a forced eviction, but kids do not have the ability to make that choice and it is the adult’s responsibility to keep them safe, clearly the authority’s failure to do so was on purpose in order to garner sympathy and hate towards Israel. if they truly cared, they would move the children no matter how important the land was. This, while the children did nothing wrong, they are still a tactical element because of the people who were supposed to protect them instead of used them as pawns against Israel.

The problem with hate speech laws is that anything can be construed as hate speech. as long as it offends the majority or a significant demographic. Sure, technically I did use the “N-word”, but does that automatically render my argument invalid? Nope. Is that grounds for banning me from posting on facebook for 3 days without possibility of appeal? Yep, apparently. At least I’m still allowed to post on my own and my friend’s wall, which is a nice change from the last time I was banned when my account was straight up disabled for 24 hours.  nope the assholes banned me from posting completely.

Anyway. This is your daily reminder that you are not safe. Think your free speech is protected? Not in “private institutions” it’s not, even though for something as big and common as facebook, it should be. These exceptions to free speech should not be allowed in the arena of debate, which Bill Maher’s comment section surely is. I have a suspicion things would be different if owners of these pages were allowed to set their own speech policy, as Bill Maher has said on Real Time that he is opposed to hate speech laws. But alas, at least on facebook and youtube you can be silenced at any time, you are completely at the mercy of these corporations and whatever demographic they decide to pander to.

Well, there’s a silver lining: at least the good folks at WordPress have this awesome thing, and for that I salute you, you are my internet rock ❤

Oh and Facebook, here’s a message for ya: Chinky Chinky Chink Mc Squinty eye Tiny penis Bad driver Ching Chong Ping Pong. No Asians were harmed in the making of this post. uck You


One thought on “How is this hate speech

  1. There never really was such a thing as truly free speech. The freest speech possible is available on your own private property (be it real or virtual). The farther you venture from there, the less free the speech becomes. Once you cross into someone else’s property, it becomes as limited as possible. On Facebook…. breathing is grounds for being banned.

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