Here, Have some Reverse Ghosting

In previous articles I wrote about Youtube’s ghost banning bug/feature, but today I want to show another variation: Reverse Ghosting

In regular ghosting you post, and it appears when you are logged in, but when you log out the post disappears so you think you posted but you actually didn’t. This is done by, eg. the Chinese government to limit social media users from discussing sensitive topics if they think nobody is replying.

Reverse ghosting is when you are banned from a post, and it flat out disappears when you are logged in. Case in point this happened to me just now:


note that the website address is the same, but only when I am logged out (incognito window on the right) does the linked post appear.

While ghost banning is secret censorship, this is open censorship as I flat out cannot reply to a commenter I was in the process of debating with, thus seeming as if I have not responded for a week, when in fact a week earlier I had posted a reply resigning from conversing with the OP, that post is now nowhere to be found, which may be an attempt to make the banned party believe the post is deleted and discourage me from responding. However, from the comment’s link I can see that it is clearly undeleted and with the OP having the “final word”.

Again, as with all instances of such censorship on youtube I cannot tell if it is deliberate or a bug or retarded keywords set by the channel admins, but nevertheless I am quite unhappy with such censorship as the deleted reply had taken me quite a while to write, I must defend atheism from such accusations as long as there are people scrolling that video’s comment section, but now I cannot reply.



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