The Orchard Music Strikes Again!

Ugh. This is Youtube and Fraudulence part 3. No need for introductions, we already know each other.


(screenshot from June 1st)

Update: Surprise, surprise, Orchard Music changed the claim again.



Request to move Fraudulently Content ID’d public domain song into a public domain Content ID

Hello Youtube copyright team

My name is Eric, I make videos on my channel and I am technically a youtube partner. Back in September 2013 , using footage from a flight simulator and a public domain song originally called MC Ballad A (attributed to Frank Edward Nora which I downloaded in June 4th of 2012 and hosted on Kevin Macleod’s website), I made an airplane landing video (I also have an earlier video using the same song published in Janurary 2013, as well as the full video that included the landing video here starting at the 46:54 mark, you will find previously disputed copyright claims if they are stored).

more than A YEAR AFTER the video was published, Around March 2014 The Orchard Music flagged my video for Content ID claiming I had used the song “Small” by Michael White, so I scoured the internet to find out if Michael White was a legit artist and the song was legitimately his, but only stolen by a public domain website. Finding no trace of Michael White, I disputed the claim. Around half a month afterwards, I logged in to find that the Copyright claim had been changed – now the song was apparently “Small” by a John White. There was no indication on the Copyright Notice that the claim was edited, and my dispute was still worded against Michael White. Of course the Orchard Music had no legal grounds to hold my video, so my video was eventually released after the 30 day timeout.

Flash forward to October 2014, I check my copyright status and lo and behold, it is flagged again, this time the song was “Small” by a Shawn Johnson Band, administered by fucking Orchard Music and if you search for the song name and artist, you will find this, a song costing $0.99 which’s original release date is May 20th…. 2014. And they have the gall to flag MY video that predated the publishing of “their” song by 2 freaking years. Again, I used the system and disputed it. Again, for 30 days my video had the taint of crediting a fraudulent artist for its music.

Which leads me to today, June 2015 I log onto my copyright notices, and guess what. My video is flagged for copyright infringement of “Small” by a Luke Long. I googled that shit, and here’s what I found (Ctrl+F to find “Small”). Again, released March 2014, ONE AND A HALF YEARS after my earliest video using the same music.

I previously contacted this email about the Orchard Music’s fraudulent behavior, and it was suggested I let the claimant review my dispute (see attachment). I’m tired of disputing the copyright claims on the same three videos when the “claimant” doesn’t even own the stuff it Content IDed (This is not a mistake, it is straight up fraud), this is a formal request for honesty’s sake to add the audio of “MC Ballad A” to a public domain Content ID blacklist, credited to its original author “Frank Edward Nora”, and prevent future parties from claiming authorship to something they did not make: While Public Domain allows The Orchard Music and its frauds the right to monetize the content when it is released by them, it is not an exclusive right and does not allow hijacking of other people’s releases of the exact same content in promotion of The Orchard Music’s release, what The Orchard Music is doing is literally content theft.

Please review the evidence, I look forward to seeing the steps you take towards preventing copyright fraud, and this request email will be documented on my blog in case you decide to send the same flippant response as last time. Thank you for your time.



Image attachments – screenshots of previous copyright claims from The Orchard Music [attached were the screenshots here], showing their attributing “Shawn Johnson Band” instead of the current “Luke Long”

Text Attachment – our previous exchange

Eric Yan <>
to copyright

You may add me to that long list you have of people heavily disgusted by The Orchard Music’s fraudulent claims to content they do not own.

These groups should not be allowed to content ID public domain stuff that they don’t have exclusive rights to.
I’ve filed 3 copyright disputes, and even thought I am sure they will “release the claim” (aka ignore it to the expiration date) just like they did last time for the same video for the same public domain song since they have zero legal ground on this issue, that is just not good enough the song needs to be removed from their content ID.
In the meantime I would like the fraudulent claims to the following videos on my channel be completely removed, the reasons and evidence are in the disputes.

Thank you for your time.

Attachments area

Preview YouTube video A380 VHHH to RCTP FSX


Preview YouTube video A380 40kts Crosswind Landing RCTP A380 (FSX)

A380 40kts Crosswind Landing RCTP A380 (FSX)

Preview YouTube video High Quality Low File Size Videos In Handbrake (x264)

High Quality Low File Size Videos In Handbrake (x264)


to me
Thanks for contacting YouTube! You’ve reached the copyright and DMCA compliance team. Your message has been received and is now queued for review. Please note that general help inquiries won’t be answered here. For help with other site-related issues, please visit our Help Center at If you wish to report abuse or inappropriate content, please visit, or if you feel you have a privacy request, please visit If you’re requesting removal of a video that is allegedly infringing your copyright, please make sure that you have provided us with all of the required information in order to process your complaint. Providing incomplete information may delay the processing of your claim. For the requirements of DMCA notification, or if you have questions about our DMCA policy, please see: Did you know that YouTube offers copyright owners a tool for submitting notifications more easily? If there are many videos to be removed, or you expect to have an ongoing need to remove potentially infringing content from YouTube, we suggest that you sign up for our Content Verification Program, which electronically notifies us, removing any room for error, and significantly increases the speed at which we are able to remove any infringing content. To sign up for this tool please visit: Regards, The YouTube Team


to me


Thank you for your message. A content owner claimed content in your video using YouTube‘s Content ID system. It appears that you have already disputed the claim. The claimant has 30 days to review your dispute. In the meantime, you may resolve the issue directly with the claimant at {} Please note that YouTube does not mediate copyright disputes.

The YouTube Legal Support Team

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