Another claim dispute

Update: As of Friday, 05 June 14:57:16 GMT, 16 hours after the dispute was filed, the copyright claim on my video has been released, this time ostensibly after being reviewed by an actual person (although interestingly the notification email says “Your dispute wasn’t reviewed within 30 days”) . My list of copyright notices have been cleared of all fraudulent claims, hopefully they are gone for good.

This is a followup to the previous post that I will keep here for a public record.

Full text:

This audio content in question is public domain, originally released as MC Ballad A by Frank Nora on from before 2012 for the express purpose of public domain use.
Public Domain does not give you exclusive rights to the content, nor does it give you the right to infringe upon another person’s video. Show proof that this audio track is your original work publicly published before 2013, otherwise cease these and future claims immediately.
A complaint has been sent to Google’s copyright office of your fraudulent behavior.



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