Fuck Anti-bullying Campaigns.

Antibullying (f)art

Antibullying (f)art

So… This popped into my feed today.

There are quite a few of them going with the theme of [what you supposedly did] [shitty image] [what you didn’t know]

Of course, bullying is wrong. therefore we should bully the bullies into not bullying because surely that would send a consistent message, right?

The anti-bullying internet phenomena is pretty much self-gratifying bullshit to make the likers and sharers feel that they are contributing to something. So I took the liberty of demotivationalizing several of these anti-bullying memes.


As a former victim of bullying, I want bullying to stop. When people on the internet made rude comments about me for my dumb youtube videos, I didn’t feel suicidal. I retorted, they were behind 99999 miles of wiring.

When I was physically bullied, and when people took advantage of my lacking physicality and slow reaction time to literally make fun of me, by pissing me off, by vandalising my stuff, or when I was once pushed almost into the middle of the road – helpless without the supervision of authorities, that was bullying. It was nowhere near as severe as the violence and (what is basically) robberies that I know occur in many schools, but it was a physical violation of property rights, it was an intrusion into my safety, it was basically crime.

Internet like-whoring doesn’t stop crime. Accountability on part of the school, and from society, stops crime. How many kids you think would be bullied if every classroom and doorway had a security camera? If the bullies knew that their actions could be traced? How many teachers would slack off and dismiss complaints from victims if they were being supervised? How many victims would feel so hopeless as to commit suicide if the system worked?


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