A Response to the Comments on the new John Oliver video about Online Harrassment

Full disclosure, I haven’t watched the video, and I am not going to I just did, my point still stands. While it is no surprise the mainstream media always sides with the perceived damsel in distress (ironically), it’s always disheartening when this type of mindless automatic allegiance comes from someone like John Oliver.

The post is a response to a selection of comments that are commonly seen on videos involving Sarkeesian, and I would like to try and fix a few misconceptions or downright retarded assertions that are getting a lot of agreement.

For all  of you downvoting because of Anita or whatever, remember: Two wrongs do not make a right. Just because Anita did something that infuriated you, it doesn’t mean she deserves the threats. No one except the leaders of terrorist groups do.

I really hate to use this meme, but… 14,000+ people think threatening people online & revenge porn are just AWESOME!!

You can tell how harassment against women isn’t a thing by how many dislikes this video have.. Oh wait! That proves this is still a relevant issue and we have a long way to go. Damnit.

“Dislike” = proving John’s point? HAHAHAH EXCUSE ME??? “oh I disliked a video, I’m going to jail for sending DEATH THREATS now.” Surprise, it is possible to dislike a video even if you only disagree partially. it’s like yeah I agree with the pope on climate change, but…. I’m not gonna stop doubting that whole VIRGIN BIRTH thing.

To the people criticizing Anita being in this video: I understand that a lot of her opinions in her videos are false, but that doesn’t mean that she deserves to be harassed by people on a daily basis. Theirs a fine line between criticism and harassment.

Im Sorry people, but even if you don’t like Anita Sarkeesian, she is being harassed.  Just because you don’t like her you don’t get to say whether or not she is being harassed.  She does.  And violent, terrorist threats are harassment I’m pretty sure.   So you disagree with her.  GET OVER IT.

Oh and to the pretentious fuckheads saying “we’re not saying Anita isn’t wrong, we’re saying you shouldn’t be justifying death threats.” Now THAT is a red herring. How many people honest-to-god think that Anita deserves specifically death threats? No! When we say she deserves her death threats, what we mean is that she deserves whatever hardship that she says she gets for DEMONIZING AND DEFAMING an ENTIRE DEMOGRAPHIC of human beings (hey remember that? we gamers are human beings too y’know), while converting the pain and suffering of TRUE HARASSMENT VICTIMS into her personal cash cow. Really, I’m not that big on death threats, in fact ANY punishment will do, I will cheer on when she misses a flight, trips on a dildo and smashes her head on a pile of solid shit or gets naturally mauled by a shark.

[to the effect of “I don’t get all the hate Sarkeesian gets”]

Sit me down in a sane setting, and I will tell you, “no, I will not send Anita Sarkeesian death threats.” But even though I will not do anything illegal, hating the cunt is contrary to your opinion, NOT ILLEGAL, and the bitch deserves EVERY BIT OF HATE SHE GETS.

[to the effect of “if you hate her then stop giving her all the attention”]

Oh and by the way, “why don’t you just ignore her?” uh yeah I try. I really do. I don’t go about my day purposefully seeking out every way to attack Sarkeesian, in fact I even unsubscribed from thunderf00t because his videos got too annoying (and contained fallacious points…) but when the bitch pops up on MY supposedly ANITA-FREE NEWSFEED and a video that’s supposed to contain ACTUAL ISSUES, there is no turning back Sarkeesian’s publicity dial, that’s when the ONLY thing that matters is to make counterpoints and not let that hypocritical reactionary cunt control the narrative.

I think it’s an import thing to talk about, though Anita Sarkesian or whatever is a manipulative bitch, we can agree that people should not fear for their lives when they’re going about their lives, man woman or whatever you identify as.

What about real life harassment? When gamers in real life get looked down on because of the stereotypes that assholes like Sarkeesian perpetuate? Should I have to go through my life fearing prejudiced looks and people automatically considering  me a misogynerd and bullying me out of some perverted sense of righteousness if I express any opinion that opposes her pseudo-moralistic fearmongering? Why does she get to live a life free of fear but gamers don’t? Is it because she’s a woman?

And yeah, it kinda does matter that Sarkeesian was used as the example of a harassment victim. It’s like using OJ Simpson as an example of racism against blacks…. wut? exactly.

Whenever society is overprotective of women, we are being misogynist. The claim of sexism is a double edged sword, portraying women as both specially weak victims AND equal beings is intellectually inconsistent. It’s time to be as skeptical towards women as we are skeptical towards men.

…ps regarding the revenge porn thing… erm I’m not saying it’s not wrong, I’m just saying it shouldn’t be the big deal that it is. I mean, revealing the subject’s personal information is wrong and dangerous… but merely a video of her fucking? This type of unwilling distribution of information aka INCREASING TRANSPARENCY is never going to go away. It’s simply impossible to stop the distribution of this stuff without violating multiple constitutional rights, and even then if people like it they’re gonna find a way to keep it. Just my 2 cents. If you really, really, really don’t want revenge porn, then don’t make it.


2 thoughts on “A Response to the Comments on the new John Oliver video about Online Harrassment

  1. It’s no wonder you have this kind of mindset towards John Oliver’s segment: you haven’t watched it yet.
    It’s best to watch it all to avoid hasty judgment like this, just like the many, many, many people in the video’s comments section.

    • Having watched the segment, my point still stands. However, most of the judgement in my article is directed towards the comments on the video, not the video itself.

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