It’s all shackles.

I peed today.

It wasn’t a regular pee.

I had just downed a large soda and 2 refills.

I was in a car, holding it in for 30 minutes.

I made my way to the toilet, release. Ah. The pressure was gone.


Some might call this feeling a great pleasure. Things that fall into the category of pleasure include: eating, sex, rest, breathing, and success.

What is often ignored however is that all of these pleasures have a unhappy cause behind them. When you orgasm, one thing that doesn’t pop into your mind is the last time you finished an orgasm. Because that last time, you had your release just the same, and somewhere along the line you got horny again. Do you remember how horny you were? How the urge was enslaving your every action towards the eventual goal of sex? Do you remember how staring at that person made your heart flutter? Do you remember how awkward it made you?


It’s all shackles. Like it or not, the reason you feel free from taking part in pleasure is because you had to be chained up in the first place.


Now, I’m not a religious preacher. I’m not going to tell you to abandon these urges, or to try and negate them, because you cannot. In fact, these chains are the only reason you and I are here. Every time we want to do something too reckless, our survival instinct holds us back. That’s what life and evolution is: all the mutations who just wanted to chill are now all dead, we the endless pursuers of happiness are all that is left.


But the point is, I do not glorify pleasure the same way you glorify pleasure. Pleasure is the null state. Anything less is negative. The pursuit of pleasure is a pursuit of null. Each release, each improvement only feels good because you’ve never felt this free before. But the feeling of liberation quickly wears off.

Uppity cunts look at we who pursue pleasure so endlessly, and they laugh. “look at these mindless fools, enslaved by money, success and responsibility. why don’t they just come live in carefree lives in the hills like us?”

But you bastions of spirituality aren’t remotely living drama-free lives, and you know it. Ignoring pain doesn’t work, because that’s not how human beings are wired up. The only sure way to solve pain is to cure it. Null state.


It’s all shackles. Unopposable, undeniable shackles, and that is why I don’t freak out when some moral panicker declares us all to be enslaved. Yeah, I know. As far as I’m concerned, life is a drug we are all addicted to. It shits on us, beats us to a pulp, and yet we continue to take part in it.

Enslavement is not the problem. Regression is.


I’m going to pee again.

The feeling of liquid rushing out my urinary tract

The feeling of my bladder’s reduced stress

It’s gonna feel so good compared to what I’m feeling right now.


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