Transgendered White House Heckler needs to STFU

“LGBTQ immigrants are 15 times more likely than other detainees to be sexually assaulted while in confinement.”
And therefore the problem is lgbtq discrimination. Great. The government will go inform jail rapists to rape LGBTQ and straight detainees EQUALLY right away.
Seriously, I don’t know how or where they train these transgender activists but the level of entitlement is simply uncanny. Hey guess what, the problem of jail rape is NOT “discrimination against lgbtq”… but wait for it: JAIL RAPE. 
Yeah, the problem with jail rape is that it is allowed to happen, not that “transgender women were locked up in male detention facilities”.
But of course, I’ll bet that many of these trannies are totally okay with jail rape happening to people who broke any other law.
All they care about is their precious gender identity, so much that it completely blinds them to the larger issue.

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