He’d waved goodbye to his family

Trained brave to die for his country

Make haste to spy out the enemy

Said they, don’t trust what you see


Was already weeks into the insertion

A forward scout before the incursion

Operated under the assertion

Bearing the cause of justice is certain

Thrust into a new world, it seemed magical

No it was voodoo he had to think tactical

He knew from the intel they were radical

Indoctrinators, they were the act rogues

And on a fast road to self-destruction

Amassed loads of wealth but kids in ovens

He had to act the role so he could soften

What tough love was planned on the horizon

But he was taken aback by his senses

Insistent on prodding his defenses

Through the illusion, the lies perpetuated

By the opponent and their miseducated

Actions, but they were not as blatant

As he expected, but he’ll never forget

The intrusion when home was devastated

By the enemy in an act of desperation

Here he had found out their forged evidence

In detailed reports to their own residents

Lies, he said, the images are all lies

The media here read what he would describe

As propaganda, distorting his eyesight with

Sensors, fake data, pictures took from the skies

Blaming what happened as bad engineering

The footage showed homeland as waste in the smearing

By contrast a shit hole, built by imbeciles

Lies, he raged, why would terrorists lie

What sick depraved mind would do such a thing?

He made markings on his maps for the attacking

No mercy for these liars, vile deceiving

Violent pricks deserving of a wild receiving

Of missiles and artillery, torture and slavery for

Scum of the earth bartered with human misery

Didn’t matter he’d faced with warm hospitality

Didn’t matter the lace of peace and harmony

From the chatters to the safety – all arbitrary

So he held his faith and braced through the conspiracy.


And he

Felt the glory of withstanding temptation

He phoned home to exfil this silly nation

Unaware of the breaking of his psyche, PTSD

Dead inside from this forced reconciliation

Of fact and fiction.


This poem is about cognitive dissonance. I wrote this poem August 2014 for some bullshit contest themed reconciliation. Needless to say, you can tell its a bullshit contest because I didn’t win. But, I just finished the game Spec Ops: The Line which is similar to this poem in many ways (eg. hardware requirements), plus I never published this thing so here it is, now it is published. Hope you enjoyed it.


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