Racism is only an indicator, it is not the problem nor the solution.

Racism is only ever a problem indicator, not the solution. What I mean by this is that whenever a problem disproportionately affects a demographic of people, many social justice types have a tendency to focus on the indicator but not the actual problem.

To explain what I mean: In the past few months and perhaps historically, there has been a problem of black people being unjustifiably killed by trigger happy police. The main problem here is that PEOPLE are being unjustifiably killed by trigger happy police… but social justice types will be quick to pin the problem on racism.

The problem with this racist approach is that it’s aim is to fix racism… not the actual problem of police shooting unarmed people without accountability. And contrary to the activist mindset, racism is NOT even remotely the main moral conundrum, otherwise choking black people to death would be the moral equivalent of looking at a black person funny at the bank, since both are equally racist.

If you look at the actual solutions we are using, you can see that it is not race-oriented at all. Body cams on cops are color blind. Greater penalty for excessive force is color blind. Sure, the main beneficiaries of greater police accountability may be blacks, but the fix of increased accountability protects ALL people from police brutality. Which, incidentally also has the collateral effect of crushing racism. See how it works? Racism can be solved if you just stop focusing on race.

The mexican transgender activist who heckled Obama wants greater protection for transgender illegal aliens from being abused in prisons, and proposes the solution of allowing trans aliens to be imprisoned in the jail of their gender. But, the problem is not that transgender illegal aliens are abused, the problem is that PEOPLE are being abused in prisons. And the transgender activist’s solution only protects trans-people, and even then only to a limited extent – it does nothing to curb same-gender abuse.

Her solution is akin to solving the excessive force issue by ordering all police to be careful around black people, or ordering government welfare to only be available to poor black people, because fuck the other races. No. No race deserves special protection, that is the definition of racism. No gender deserves special protection, that is the definition of genderism.

The correct approach to this problem is to institute policy that protects ALL inmates from prison abuse, because prison abuse is BAD, no matter your gender. Illegal transgender aliens will still benefit most from a general anti-prison-rape policy, but future victims will not suffer from a horribly short sighted policy that only protects the current biggest victim. In fact, the minute we find the root problem is the minute we should stop screaming racism/sexism and start working on a solution to the specific problem. The only time a demographic-oriented approach is reasonable is when the bigger issue EXCLUSIVELY affects that one demographic.


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