Here’s how the copyright industry functions:
1. You budget your money to buy things that you want and need.
2. Things that do not occupy a higher priority will not get funding, but you can pirate them in order to obtain the entertainment, on top of meeting all my high priority expenses. You will be happy because your bills are paid and you am entertained.
3. Since piracy is not an option, you will weigh the importance of the thing that you would have pirated, and decide simply not to have it.
4. The copyright industry still got 0 money, but they will have somehow gained simply by virtue of you being sad from not having the entertainment.
5. Therefore, the copyright industry feeds off your tears which they then wholesale to bottling plants who will bottle it and sell it right back to you at an obscenely marked up price.

If copyright law is to be believed, each person on average owes an estimated $67 million to the copyright industry. If copyright law were enforced, “content creators” would be king of the earth (along with 6.63 million other yet to be discovered identical planets in “lost profits”).

Is the copyright industry so egotistical to think itself worth that much?

Let’s say every song is worth $1. Every movie worth $10. A person who downloaded 2900 songs and 90 movies would have spent $3800.
The average person is worth $13100. The average person is 30. The minimum working age is 14. So you will have 16 years to gain $820 a year in savings. Now the question is, will your average person (NOTE: Average = NONE RICH and NONE AFFLUENT) spend 4 years worth of their hard earned savings on easily duplicated media? I think your average person has better things to spend the $3800 on. Literally anything else.


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