The Mutant and the Man

A mutant hunches as he walks across

An angry man behind him, jiving at his hunched figure

The mutant is not polite, so he says

Nothing. Can’t we live in peace.

The mutant scrapes his foot backwards, heaving up

Sand in the man’s face.

The man grabs the mutant’s shoulder:

You’re no match for me!

The mutant turns around, face red like phosphorous

What did you say? Protested the mutant to the man

The man pushes the mutant, the mutant staggers

Back. Picking himself up, he charges to the side

Scraping his face against the bridge railing

Ignition. The man runs back whence he came,

The mutant runs to the opposite ridge.

The road between them in flames.

He couldn’t help but

burn the bridge.


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