A Better Economic System

What if everyone is given an equal income?
What if there was only receiving and spending, but no possibility of earning money?
What if the purpose of jobs wasn’t to put food on the table?

Think about the implications.
No more sleazy, low performing sweatshop desperates who’ve burned out from working 3 jobs to feed their kids and decided to spit in your burger.
No more crazy road hazard speeding drivers who are trying to race the clock to avoid being penalized being late for their inhumane work hours.
No more corrupt corporations cutting corners to maintain a profit margin in order to make their rich owners even richer.
No more paying off a debt for your entire life. No more hopelessness. No more life-destroying consequences.

When income is divided based on the entire society’s available surplus resources, reproduction will be stigmatized as it lowers everybody’s spending capacity.

When there is no possibility of earning more than your monthly quota, spending habits will change drastically, and we will consume our resources much more efficiently. Without the possibility of gaining more money (except for the relatively meager fixed monthly income), the rich might see the futility of hoarding their dwindling money and instead choose to ration out the spending for their lifetime.

When everyone is given an equal monthly earning, it will be very difficult for a person’s life condition to be affected by uncontrolled circumstances. Everyone will be constantly given a fresh start. Jobs will be optional, and done for the sake of maintaining and improving the system instead of getting the biggest bonus. Artists will stop bitching about how the internet is making them poor, and instead focus their efforts on making the best art they possibly can (which will be easy when they don’t have the obligation to put out a crappy new thing every year).

When everyone is given an equal monthly earning, we will stop giving corporations ridiculous sums of money under the absolutely misguided idea that they can “create jobs”. No more expensive and unnecessary sports stadiums. No more government bailouts to failed companies. Oh yeah and also we will stop trying to “create jobs”. The less unnecessary jobs there are, the more labor capacity we have for jobs that actually require doing.

The competition will not be “who has the most to spend”, but rather “who can spend the most efficiently”. The only way to earn would be to increase the net worth of the entire society by contributing where you can and want to. Competition between corporations will also be less about profit and more about who can provide the best service or product.

Item and service pricing will no longer be based on how much its maker wants to earn, but rather we will try to make it accurately reflect the resources it took to provide said item or service. Money will not be paid to the government or anyone else, instead it will simply be deducted from the person’s account and vanish forever. (Or in the case of physical money, destroyed)

No longer will thieves be the poor downtrodden. If someone is caught stealing, you can be certain they are either greedy or stupid. Greedy, because they want more than everyone else, and stupid, because they probably mismanaged their resources to the point of getting much less value out of their income than everyone else.

No longer will people be denied the healthcare that they cannot afford, because without the profit motive hospitals will simply do their best to accommodate all patients, while “luxury” procedures such as cosmetic changes, or lower priority medicine may cost money.

This is not a typical form of socialism, because I’m not demanding the rich give us all their money. I’m just demanding that they stop earning more than everyone else.

I am also not asking for the demise of material ownership. You can still trade, but you just won’t earn money from the trade. This way the only reason to give up something is if you genuinely think the other guy needs it more. Of course it is still possible to use physical trade to become rich, but without money it will be much harder as hoarding will be reflected in a very, very tangible way.

To summarize, abandon the idea of deservance.


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