Violence is not the answer


“he may think twice before raising his hand to a woman” but its totally fine if he decides to beat a man, ok.

We live in a culture where we think violence is a solution. The wife-beater was attacked because the crowd thought mob violence was a solution to stopping domestic violence. The wife-beater beat his wife because he thought violence towards her was a solution to his problems.

But it isn’t.

Beating the wife-beater didn’t stop the wife-beater from beating the wife first. “Oh I beat your abusive husband your fractured bones will grow back now”. Also, it just hurt the wife even more because now the man she (wrongly, but nevertheless) loves is being beaten.

Violence doesn’t work, all it ever teaches is 1. Evade the bigger bully, and 2. Be the bigger bully.

Of course, the wife-beater will think twice before raising his hand again. First thought: I don’t see an angry mob. Second thought: Bitch you dead.

The correct way to curb domestic violence is to be vigilant in discovering it, and when it is found, only using necessary force to restrain the attacker. The two should be forcefully separated, and actual protective and preventative measures (eg. Restraining order, imprisonment) should be taken to prevent such violence from ever happening again. In the long term, only by fostering a non-violent culture would we ever be able to prevent people from reaching to violence for answers.

In fact, by encouraging violence towards wife-beating scum, you are legitimizing violence as a solution and thus you have taken a part in causing the next act of domestic violence.

Blood is on your hands. 🙂


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