Why Political Correctness is Anti-Intellectual AND anti-Social Justice

Don’t just accuse, make an actual argument.
What exactly is it about my attitude that will make me somehow willing to act violently towards certain demographics of people? What makes you think I would be violent towards anyone?
I stand up for free speech – precisely because I am so opposed to violence. Arguments solve problems, the only thing violence solves is who is better at fighting.
The reason I say you are anti-intellectual: the only thing your type does is shut off discussion. Your ideas are not fluid, you simplistically equate offensive language with bigotry. You have not achieved the ability to separate speech from its speaker, instead you make projections based not on the meaning of an opinion, but based on a shallow assessment of its presentation.
But cries of offense are just an excuse. Logically, arguments are never invalidated by the presence of an expletive, but by the presence of logical errors and false evidence. The use of expletive may indicate an agenda, but that only means processing the argument more cautiously, it doesn’t mean discussion over in any logical way.
If a neo-Nazi accuses black people of being of inferior intelligence and cites drop out rates, you don’t simply dismiss it in an emotional “that’s racist”, it is not an argument. For your rebuttal to be logical, you have to be able to explain why their conclusion doesn’t follow from their evidence, or why their evidence is false because interestingly enough, racism is not inherently wrong.
Political correctness has always been a conservative thing pushed by people who fear a deviation from the status quo. The P.C. type refuses to consider ideas you consider dangerous because they are afraid of the answer (this is an extremely similar attitude to conservatives who think the solution to crime/sex is ignorance). The problem is, if you refuse to ask the hard questions, you will never get a good argument against it, and people will keep doing it.
For example, “why is crime wrong?”. A PC liberal would say, “Crime is simply wrong and you are evil for even hinting otherwise, you crime denier.” A conservative would say, “Don’t learn and don’t talk and don’t even mention crime and everything will be A-OK.”
An intellectual however is not afraid of the answers. An intellectual will study the morality of crime and deliver an argument against it, and if it is a good argument, then it will prevent crime the next time a rational person thinks “why shouldn’t I”.
Is there a correlation between joking and bigotry? There could be. Is “bigoted speech” REALLY and indicator of bigotry? Bill Maher jokes about trannies. Violent assaulters also joke about trannies. Is Bill Maher therefore a violent assaulter? Does Bill “might be” a violent assaulter? Does a person who watch Bill Maher’s joke “The last time a man in a dress got this much attention it was Bruce Jenner” and think “therefore I should go kill a tranny”. There is no logical connection: Maher did not demand an attack on trans people. He didn’t even say it was wrong. All he did was reference a man in a dress, which, Bruce Jenner is (because “man” _can_ in fact refer to both gender and/*or* sex). Its just vernacular. Calling a transperson a tranny is like calling a centralintelligenceagency an agency. It’s used perjoratively but *there is nothing inherently perjorative about it*.
Explain to me again how does a man deserve violence for wearing a dress? Why do people called tranny deserve violence but people called “trans person” don’t? It does not compute, and if you’re able to come up with something then I’m afraid it is you who has a dangerous propensity for violence.
Being progressive is not about specific ideals. Ideals change, as human thought develops we always come to newer, (usually) better conclusions. You merely share some of the same ideals as contemporary progressiveness, but to be a true progressive, you have to be open minded to arguments. You have to be responsive to arguments in order to progress, which the political correctness attitude is inherently not.
Free Speech goes hand in hand with social justice, because it is free speech that facilitates discussion. It is true that conservatives increasingly value free speech as their archaic views are being edged out of the mainstream, but you have to remember that back in the day that wasn’t the case: First amendement rights were not enforced for a long time, and yet we had much more bigotry back then than we do now.
Culturally, LGBTQ, women, minorities etc already have the upper hand: its less about persuading people they are human beings and more about finding issues to support them on. The viewpoint of contemporary political correctness is ever changing. One day, the things you value will be on the ass end of political correctness.
RantingRamsay 3 days ago · LINKED COMMENT
Wow, nobody exploding about the Jenner joke…. …that’s actually rather awesome…

+RantingRamsay yeah, because transphobia is SO cool. kudos to the audience for passively approving of bill maher’s trans-misogyny..
+Boogie Brown claiming to be politically incorrect is often a polite way of admitting to being a proud bigot, so in an ironic sense, it is pc to call yourself politically incorrect. and just so you know, i don’t have a very high opinion of caitlyn jenner myself, but i don’t feel a need to mock her being transgender to be critical of her.

+RantingRamsay you are not necessarily transphobic for not think caitlyn jenner is brave or stunning. if you make a fuss over her being transgender, refer to her as “bruce”, or refuse to use female pronouns when talking about her it would be a sign of being transphobic.
+RottingintheMidwest Trannies get beat up and murdered by actual transphobic bigots but somehow the real problem is someone on TV, or the internet, used a word? I’ll use all the words I want. The thing about educated people who support PC is that they focus too much on the media, that everything is the fault of culture, that I use the word cunt in my comment and all of a sudden women earn 77 cents to a man dollar. Nature and history causes culture, not the other way around. Criminalizing the word nigger doesn’t stop KKK from lynching minorities. These marginalized retards attack free speech because they are powerless against the corporations actually underpaying women, they are powerless against the criminals beating up and murdering trans people, so they try to undermine free speech because at least then they will feel like they are accomplishing something, unaware they are subjugating the very foundation of democracy (and by extension, social justice) while having NO effect on actually solving their problems. Most of us here are liberals. We’re on your fucking side. But just because we support a person’s right to redecorate their body however they like, doesn’t mean we also support your attempts to force everyone to participate in trans people’s delusion by limiting speech. Because really, that’s all it is. Censorship and PC isn’t about safety, it doesn’t stop a bigot’s fist smashing into a tranny’s face. Bill Maher, as did Monty Python even 50 years ago, made jokes referencing transgenderism because it is hilarious, not because they hate trannies. The trannies who hate pronouns are just attacking the good guys because they don’t have the balls to face their real oppressor, and you’re an idiot for supporting this counter-productive, anti-speech mentality.

+yan-Deriction culture helps to form how people view the world and everyone in it, and language is a part of it. the way you are speaking about transgender people tells me you don’t respect transgender people as human beings.  you are not on my side if you insist on referring to trans people as “trannies”  or crying about not being able to use the n-word. treating people as less than human really does foster an environment where some people will find it acceptable to act violently towards those they feel are lesser than themselves. and you don’t need to explicitly hate a group of people in order to act hateful towards. i’m sure you would claim not hate transgender people, but here you are mocking them and referring to them as “trannies”. most of what you are crying about PC isn’t censorship – it’s just about not being an bigoted asshole.
+RantingRamsay have feminists and transgender activists taken you hostage, tied you down, pryed your eyes open, and forced you to watch video of caitlyn jenner showing off her new wardrobe? livyya is spot on that you seem to care awful lot of about something you don’t give a shit about. you certainly are not trying to ignore it. i don’t care much about football. the sport is covered extensively in the media – on tv and in newspapers, information about games pops up all over the internet, i hear people talking about everywhere i go, and i see people wearing clothing supporting their teams. and more. still, i don’t feel the need to cry and throw a fit about football. because i don’t care about football. you are making a big fuss about caitlyn jenner and other transgender people because you care. you care to insist the issue of transgender equality should not be discussed, because you don’t think transgender people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.  and with that, i can’t tell if you are a conservative christian or an men’s rights type new douche atheist. funny, how those two groups of people have started to look the same.

+RottingintheMidwest nigger nigger nigger nigger tranny. This is how much I am unable to use the inward. Of course, if I said the inward in front of a stronger black person, I might get beat, and your retarded ass would think I deserve it because its my fault said hypothetical black person is not aware of the lack of causation between my use of the inward and whatever oppression that he faces. True progress is when a non black person say nigger without the black person having anything to fear or hate about it. A tranny supporter called me a chink and said some very racist and explicitly hateful things about chinese people just to teach me a lesson about “you see how it feels like?”, because apparently you pc pricks are not only censorship fags, but also hypocrites: racist speech is okay (as long as you’re making a point). Oh, or maybe, racist speech is okay (as long as you’re using it on a percieved bad person). But, the only reason I brought this experience up (aside from saying you can be hypocrites) is because I want to explain to you, that I’m quite certain that the retarded tranny supporter did not actually hate chinese people, he was just trying to make a point . And even though he said racist things about Chinese people, his specific expression did not cause any harm, it didn’t lower my self esteem, it didn’t cause me to feel threatened (threats, btw, should be protected expression – it is the threatener who should be arrested as a precaution.), all it did was make me think for a moment, “Wow, a real racist”. But when the big reveal he was just trying to make a dumb point all along, I stopped thinking he was a racist and decided he was a hypocritical cunt, because even though he was against offensive speech, and he was willing to say those things as long as it suited his agenda, but he wasn’t an actual racist. And how do I know that? Because he is a SJW. And even though he used racist language, he never had any intention or effect of oppressing a race. It’s called critical thinking. Now, flip that around to Bill Maher’s audience. So Maher used the “wrong” pronoun. So I said nigger tranny cunt a whole bunch of times. But Maher’s audience, including me, is mostly liberal. I support trans people’s rights to: dress how they like, mutilate themselves how they like, not be discriminated against by shops and services, and so forth. But as I said, because of your short, weak arms, you can’t reach the people who genuinely hate trannies so instead you attack the people closest to your side (I thought about it, and decided I’m not really ON your side you stupid cunt, just because you’re tranny doesn’t mean I have to obey your every whim). And BTW, I think the transgender issue should be discussed. I’m not apathetic to this discussion at all. Just the fact that transgenderism is such a prominent topic is enough reason for anyone to talk about it. And BTW #2: Respect and dignity are subjective, cultural constructs in the mind. They are not rights that can be feasibly enforced. When you demand a married muslim woman to expose her face to a male stranger for identification, you are robbing her of her dignity, because she equates dignity with the muslim intepretation of fidelity. But when your subjective constructs conflict with law, logic, free speech, or basically ANYTHING that has even a tad more basis than pure cultural entitlement, it gets trumped. It’s not about “bigotry”, its just about not having an anti-intellectual attitude.

+yan-Deriction i am going to assume you made a typing error in your last sentence and that you meant to say you would like to champion an anti-intellectual attitude, because your post is a hot mess of ignorance and stupidity. you are certainly not on my side, and while you would probably deny it, your attitude is much closer to those on the who are willing to act violently towards lgbt people, women, and people of color than anyone remotely progressive. you sound like you are coming from the right of rush limbaugh, but less intellectual.

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