Feminists VS The Oatmeal

Just a while ago, my personal hero and Mexican rape survivor Donald Trump tweeted the following:


Ted Cruz is totally unelectable, if he even gets to run (born in Canada). Will loose big to Hillary. Polls show I beat Hillary easily! WIN!

To which Mattew Inman of The Oatmeal responded:


@readDonaldTrump  A quick spelling lesson: Lose = opposite of “win” Loose = your mom

And of course (I mean, of course), feminists LOST THEIR SHIT.


Now, its interesting that none of the Feminists here display a hint of awareness toward context. They assert that The Oatmeal is slut-shaming Trump’s mother… BUT that begs the question -was Donald Trump’s mother a slut in the first place? Because that’s not how “your mum” jokes work.

Here’s a quick lesson on how playground insults work. When someone throws out a “your mum”, it ISN’T intended to slut-shame the mother. Believe it or not, there are few instances where the person asserting your mother’s promiscuity actually knows for a fact that your mother is a total whore. Yes it is childish and offensive (that’s the point), but it is not literal. If Trump’s mother is indeed loose, then it is pure coincidence because I doubt Inman bothered to do much fact checking before posting his response, and for good reason: he wasn’t even trying to assert a fact. He was pointing out a grammatical error.

Secondly, the criticism of misogyny and slut-shaming falls apart because the post never actually passes judgement on “your mom” being loose, it is merely stated.



“Don’t get me wrong, I hate Trump as much as the next rational person, but can you guys stop using “your mom was obviously a slut” as an insult? In addition to the tired tradition of shaming women for having sex, his mother’s sex life has fuck nothing to do with him being a giant anus with a toupee, and shows a startling lack of creativity. Something I wouldn’t expect from you.”

I replied to the above comment with the following:


I’m sorry but I don’t see anything in Oatmeal’s post where Trump’s mum is actually shamed in any way for being loose, it is simply stated. It seems that you are projecting your own implicit bias toward promiscuous women onto a hilarious reaction to Trump’s spelling error, accusing the post as bigotry when the real slut shamer is you.”

And it is true. The mere act of saying “loose = your mom” is not an insult. The reciever has to have negative preconcieved notions of promiscuity in order for the comment to actually be an insult. No feminist who views promiscuity as a morally neutral or positive behavior should ever be offended by allegations that their mother is a slut. Any true feminist would respond: “Yes, thank you for pointing out that in this country, women such as my mum have sexual freedom.”

After the cries of misogyny and slut shaming, came the helpful suggestions:


“THANK YOU! Honestly, the joke could have been something like “Loose = your grip on reality”, or “Loose = the glue on your hairpiece”, but no, the joke had to go straight to “loose vagina hurr durr durr”. It doesn’t take much thought to make a joke that DOESN’T perpetuate a ridiculous myth put in place to control and belittle female sexuality.

TL;DR that joke could have gone a long way with a little wit.”

Sadly, not everyone has a International Baccalaureate degree in English Language and Literature HIGH LEVEL, so not everybody understands the nuance behind a writer’s choice of words. Thankfully I do, and so I fulfilled my duty to educate the dumb cunt on why her suggestions will fail:


Criticizing trumps grip on reality is something a political opponent would say (and thus is too argumentative to be funny), while the hairpiece thing is a cliche. Your mum jokes are timeless with the perfect amount of shock value and irrelevance, this is why Oatmeal is hugely popular internet comedian while you are not.

Although in the interest of gender equality, I do have a viable alternative that, while isn’t as much of a classic as your mum jokes, nevertheless achieve a similar effect without mentioning anyone’s mother.


A quick spelling lesson:

Lose = opposite of “win”

Loose = your dad’s asshole

And the irony is that SJWs now screaming “homophobia” might still be more butthurt than the homosexual fathers getting literally fucked in the butt.


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