Listen to my new Album: Look

Look is about interpretation. It is about how you view everything from your perspective. Most importantly, it is about high def cartoon eyeballs staring as the world is turned upside down by the unique slurred delivery of a very special yellow snowflake. Consume this shit with care, lest you slip over the shitty soft exterior and get hit in the head by the underlying cold, hard, icy truths.

At least, that’s the bullshit I came up with as a description for my new full-length rap album.

This album is the first album I’ve made that is good enough for a commercial release (the download costs a measly $7, streaming is free) – not because of any commercial-level quality, but because this is my first album that contains pretty much zero copyright infringement.

In the 1.5 years since my last album, “Pop Shield”, I’ve written some new things. Out of the 15 songs in the album, around 11 are brand new, and the rest are re-recorded and improved versions.

In the album I rap about Crime, War, Cars, Planes, Spaceships, Genitals, Stress, Poverty, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Debate and Rapping. Heavy stuff.

All the while keep this in mind, as I say in the introduction track – “If you’re looking for some math I’m not a good example, I ain’t a cream of the crop – I’m the bad sample”.

And have fun listening.


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