The interests of corporations do not trump the rights of citizens. The DMCA process is broken, as people’s free speech rights are being suppressed on the basis of insufficient evidence, and the accusers have no accountability. If the government is here to serve the people, why do the regulations allow considering the people guilty of infringement and the corporations/abusers innocent of false accusations as the default? Does that not violate every principle of freedom, the rule known as “innocent until proven guilty”? Why is a corporation’s pennies worth of possible lost revenue given greater priority over the possibility that invaluable criticism or commentary is silenced by a false takedowns? The damage – political, ethical, financial consequences from allowing censorship through tolerating false DMCA takedowns is much greater than the damage a pirate uploader could ever do.

A pirate uploads a popular song – the copyright industry loses maybe hundreds of dollars for the most popular content. A DMCA abuser silences a voice – crucial information affecting elections, exposes detailing a company or person’s fraud, or a company or person defending itself against accusations, speech that could save a person’s career, opportunity, income, or life…

What is the value of a person being unable to defend their reputation, leading to a ruined life? Maybe something that will get your money-grubbing attention – what is the value of a small business’ lost profits, if its competitor can so easily silence videos comparing competing products? What is the value of a sick person being unaware that he is being treated by a snakeoil salesman who takes down criticism, or a victim who cannot afford a lawyer’s cry for help being silenced by bullies online, leading to their suicide?

What is the value of a human being’s livelihood, the value of time sensitive evidence and arguments being censored, compared to the value of “lost revenue” of either minute sum, or the value of revenue that the rights holder only had a chance of receiving? What are your priorities, U.S. Copyright Office? In fighting piracy for which loss of profits is the *only* consequence, you’ve set up a system that is horrendously tolerant of abuse that stifles free speech, for which the consequences include but are *much, much greater* than just fewer coins in a corporation’s pocket.

(Make your voice heard here! Or post directly here! Deadline to help: April 1st 2359 ET. Fucking copyright office scumbags treating public comment of DMCA as a fucking joke, purposefully forcing everyone to repeatedly say “Its not an april fools!”, the cunts)


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